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21 Jun 2017

Refined By Fire "Refined By Fire" 1980 US Private Psych Xian Folk Rock

Refined By Fire  "Refined By Fire" 1980 US Private Psych Xian Folk Rock


Classy California custom project with moods that range from folk to folkrock to rock. ‘Without Love’ opens the album on a solid rural rocking note with strong electric guitar leads. Two of the best tracks are ‘House’ and ‘Closing Moments’, both dreamy acoustic ballads sung by Ron Anderson, featuring attractive guitar work that reflects the beauty and “progressive’ intricacy of Bruce Cockburn. Similar mood to ‘Faith: Beyond Rhetoric’ which adds some soft jazzy electric guitar. Female vocals and soft key boards embrace ‘ Do You Know Why We’re Here?’, ‘Lift My Eyes’, ‘Rebellious House’ and ‘Flight’, sometimes recalling the Jesus music style of Pam Mark Hall (vocals are credited to Sonkissed). Includes assistance from Bethlehem members Randy Rigby (Fender Rhodes, piano, electric guitar) and Danny Daniels (acoustic guitar). Randy’s electric guitar can also be found adding dynamic buildups to a couple of the ballads. Touched with synthesizer and mellotron in a few spots. Sharp foldout cover with illustrations of lava flowing down a volcano. An excellent album all around.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott)..............

Acoustic Guitar – Mike Allen
Acoustic Guitar, Mixed By – Danny Daniels (tracks: A3)
Bass – Dave Lombard, Jim Hetcher
Cover – KC Kemp
Drums – Dennis Cementia, Jim Colley
Engineer, Mixed By – Rick Sutton
Piano, Grand Piano, Electric Guitar – Randy Rigby
Producer – Bernie Wright
Synthesizer, Mellotron – Tony Vasquez
Vocals – Sue Brown
Vocals, Acoustic Bass – Susan Wisuri
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Beverly Sasenbury, Ron Anderson, Sherry Hearth

A1 Without Love
A2 Do You Know Why We're Here?
A3 Dream
A4 Faith: Beyond Rhetoric
A5 Lift My Eyes
B1 House
B2 Declaration Of Dependence
B3 Rebellions Child
B4 Closing Moments
B5 Hight

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