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14 Jun 2017

Robin Trower "Record Plant, Sausalito, Aug.11,1973 (Bootleg) UK Hard Blues Rock

Robin Trower  "Record Plant, Sausalito, Aug.11,1973 (Bootleg) UK Hard Blues Rock


Live at The Record Plant, Sausalito, CA, August 11, 1973. Broadcast on KSAN-FM.

Uncomfortable as guitarist for Procol Harum, Robin Trower found his calling when he formed a Hendrix-like trio with The Robin Trower Band. Now he could stand in the spotlight and let fly like his hero.
If true, it was Procol Harum's Broken Barricades that gave Robin Trower the reason for packing it up to form his own band. Barricades had Trower's best tune, his dedication to Hendrix - Song For A Dreamer, performed in the style he loved - with splendid guitar heroics. Procol Harum, however, relied more on keyboards and epic songwriting with Gary Brooker's magisterial voice.

When he formed The Robin Trower Band, he set out to do the two things he loved best about Jimi Hendrix - the slow ballads like Angel and the jet-speed numbers like Crosstown Traffic. Both types of songs are in plain sight on his first two albums, Twice Removed From Yesterday and Bridge Of Sighs. He also had in bassist James Dewar, a top howler and competent white soul singer. Dewar was formerly vocalist for Stone The Crows.

For this 1973 show, songs from both albums make up the setlist. The ballads I Can't Wait Much Longer and Daydream from his first album and fast numbers Day Of The Eagle, Lady Love and A Little Bit Of Sympathy from the second album.

Ultimately what makes Trower a follower rather than a leader are James Dewar's and Trower's own weak lyrics which Trower has admitted are "nonsense". That's how Dewar or Trower introduce A Little Bit Of Sympathy at this concert. All the songs for the first two albums are basically relationship songs, for want of a better word.

Taken from pre-FM master reel. This show was shared by Davmar77 with the last track provided by The Lyon Tapes Collection. Artwork by Novella1949. This recording is well-mixed with Trower's guitar max out at the top. The way all guitar heroes should be mixed.......

* six songs from his debut solo album, Twiced Removed From Yesterday
^ four songs from his second solo album, Bridge Of Sighs
% this track is taken from Lyon Tapes Collection version. However, does not list this as part of the show.

Robin Trower - guitar, vocals
James Dewar - bass, lead vocals
Reg Isidore - drums

1-The Fool And Me
2-Twice Removed From Yesterday
3-Lady Love
5-Day Of The Eagle
6-I Can't Wait Much Longer
7-Man Of The World
8-Sinner's Song
9-Little Bit Of Sympathy 

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