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29 Jun 2017

Silvano Chimenti “Droga” 1972 mega rare Italy electronic Psych Prog,Jazz Rock

Silvano Chimenti “Droga” 1972 mega rare Italy electronic Psych Prog,Jazz Rock
A very important name in the Italian music scene, guitarist Silvano Chimenti, from Taranto, started playing with the beat group I Planets, which released an LP for ARC in 1967, and then began a long and fruitful career as session musician that still lasts now. 
His main work for the Italian progressive music collectors is the Droga LP, released by R.R.C./Fly in 1972 and probably the rarest title in a series called Viaggio attraverso i problemi dell'uomo (Journey through the man's problems - among them Lavoro and Povertà by Enzo Scoppa/Scoen and Cicci Santucci, Spazio by Gianni Mazza, Prima età by Gianni Mazza and Aldo Sinesio, Traffico by Enzo Scoppa and others with titles such as Nevrosi, Thrilling, Tempo libero, all sharing the same cover design). 
The album is totally instrumental, with the lead guitar of Chimenti in evidence, and a style halfway between lounge and soundtrack, with strong rock and blues influences. 
Chimenti also played in the group I Pulsar, which composed the soundtrack for the film Milano violenta......Italian Prog............

A1 Aromi Esotici 3:24
A2 Essenze E Vapori 3:25
A3 Contrazioni 5:58
A4 Colori 3:01
A5 Illusioni 4:15
B1 Conflitti 4:14
B2 Proposte 4:42
B3 La Via Della Droga 3:52
B4 Evanescenze 2:22
B5 Visioni 2:37

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