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18 Jun 2017

Sugarfoot "Santa Ana" 2017 Norway Country Rock 3 LP Box Set

Sugarfoot  "Santa Ana"  2017  Norway Country Rock 3 LP Box Set new album


As sure as the seasons change, springtime has turned into new-album-season for Norway’s Sugarfoot. “The Santa Ana” is the band’s fourth album, released exactly one year after 2016’s “Different Stars”. Colored double vinyl plus CD…..

Sugarfoot are a Norwegian country/rock band featuring notable psychonaut Bent Sæther. Their last LP “Different Stars” was released just about a year prior, and they’ve been busy out in the Californian desert once again whipping up their latest effort titled “The Santa Ana”. Recorded at Rancho de la Luna in Joshua Tree, the album is alive with the spirit of the West and its heroes – Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, the Grateful Dead and even the Doors. The album will be released by Crispin Glover Records on 26.05.2017. 

Devil’s Witches are an upcoming psychedelic doom band hailing from the UK and they wear the influence of their fellow country-barbarians Electric Wizard and Uncle Acid proudly on their sleeves. Their debut “Velvet Magic” tells tales of the darker side of the 60’s – drug culture, the Vietnam War, looming armageddon – and has been well-received by the doom community, selling out quickly. We got our hands on an extremely limited amount of this record from Cursed Tongue Records so don’t hesitate to grab one before they’re gone here as well…………..


1. The Nightingale 
2. All Dried Up 
3. Repossessed Blues 
4. Hungry Man 
5. Schmogne 
6. My Buzzing Telephone 
7. Blisters On My Mind 
8. Already Counting 
9. Coastal Postcard 
10. Snakes And Ladders 
11. Cog In Your Wheel 
12. Mighty Pharaoh 
13. Santa Ana (Hats off to Shakey) 

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