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20 Jun 2017

The Ballroom "Preparing For The Millennium" 1966-70 US Psych Pop Folk

The Ballroom  "Preparing For The Millennium" 1966-70 US Psych Pop Folk


This disc presents the Boettcher-led Ballroom's rejected LP. It's a not-bad collection of sunshine pop with a few slight hints of psychedelia. Think of it as a second rate Mamas and Papas. The first two tracks, "Spinning, Spinning, Spinning" and "Love's Fatal Way" are worthwhile am radio style pop, and there is the great tune "Would You Like To Go," which Sagittarius later reused. It's here in a mono mix (as this album is in mono). Another Sagittarius track present here is "Musty Dusty." Unfortunately, this ultra-syrupy ode to childhood was by far my least favorite track on Sagittarius' Present Tense, and it remains so here........

Curt Boettcher (January 7, 1944, Eau Claire, Wisconsin - June 14, 1987, Los Angeles, California), he is also Curt Boetcher or Curt Becher is an American singer, songwriter, musician, producer from Wisconsin. He was a key figure in the mid-1960s on the sunshine pop scene, worked with The Association, The Millennium, Sagittarius, Paul Revere And The Raiders, Tommy Roe, Elton John, Gene Clark, Emitt Rhodes, Tandyn Almer, "The Beach Boys" and others. In 1966 he formed the band The Ballroom with Sandy Salisbury, Michele O'Malley and Jim Bell. Details are on the covers in the archive.............

Curt Boettcher — guitar, vocals, producer
Sandy Salisbury — guitar, female vocals
Jim Bell — vocals, oboe
Michele O’Malley — vocals
Lee Mallory — guitar, vocals
Mike Deasy — guitar
Ben Benay — guitar
Jerry Scheff — bass
Butch Parker — keyboards, horns, bass
Mike Henderson — keyboards, horns
Jim Horn — saxophone
Jim Troxell — drums
Toxie French — drums, vibes
Sharon Olsen, Dottie Holmberg — vocals
Ron Edgar — drums

01 Spinning, Spinning, Spinning
02 You Turn Me Around
03 Would You Like To Go
04 Forever
05 Love's Fatal Way
06 It's A Sad World
07 Crazy Dreams
08 Magic Time
09 Musty Dusty
10 I'll Grow Stronger
11 Baby Please Don't Go
12 Another Time
13 If You Only Knew
14 Keeper Of The Games
15 The Island
16 Believe You
17 It's A Sad World
18 I'm Not Living Here
19 Sunshine Today
20 Milk And Honey
21 All I Really Have Is A Memory
22 Best Friend

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