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17 Jun 2017

The Flying Guitar "The Flying Guitar " 1969 Belgium Surf,Psych Pop

The Flying Guitar "The Flying Guitar " 1969 Belgium Surf,Psych Pop


In 1969, two years after Belgium’s premium band The Cousins had disbanded, producer Roland Kluger asked lead guitar player André Van Den Meerschaut (aka André Hasse aka André Shore) to record yet another album. With help from only two other musicians (bass and drums), André recorded all guitar parts for this album. The recording engineer was Pierre Dupriez, the musical adviser was Willy Albimoor. The recording took place at Studio Madeleine in Brussels.

The LP came out in 1969 as The Flying Guitar, with 11 tracks (3 of them being original songs written by Van Den Meerschaut). The LP had a typical late sixities sound, with shades of pyschedelia and flower-power influences.

The LP cover showed no sign of who The Flying Guitar actually was, so that many people still don’t know today that it was André, The Cousins’ lead guitar player......................

Wonderful cover! Where is the lady looking at? Who is she waiting for? Questions that will not be answered, because this record is totally instrumental and a pretty nice (guitar) exploitation album overall. Standouts are the catchy "Tabu" and the tremendously psychy "Electronics" (a self penned original by one A. Shore - has anybody heard of him, before or since? - filled with very trippy experimental guitar effects. The album's title "The Flying Guitar" is certainly justified with this track. Side B's "Muskrat" is a fabulous short opener, while "Happy Jack" and "Tranquility Beach" are self penned again; definitely enjoyable instrumentals holding enough attention which is rather rare for most "common" exploitation albums (I am not really a fan of the genre). "Caravan" is a nice closer. So 5-6 out of 11 songs make this lp worthy enough picking up cheap. I found it at an old radio station stock, somewhere in the middle of Holland, some 10 years ago. Bought a couple of exploitation records back then, some of them on the German Europa label like: Corporal Gander's Fire Dog Brigade and Animated Egg, nowadays both heralded as exploitation classics. This will most likely never be a (cult) classic, but is still worth a spin, especially for guitar ...........

In 1969 two years after the dissolution of The Cousins, guitarist André van den Meerschaut (aka André Hasse - alias André Shore) was invited by Palmer Producer Roland Kluger to make another LP. He received only 2 musicians playing drums and bass, so André took charge of the guitar work. Pierre Dupriez was the recording technician in Studio Madeleine in Brussels and Willy Albimoor, the musical adviser.
The LP appeared at the end of 1969 under the title THE FLYING GUITAR and consisted of 11 instrumentalals, of which 3 own songs. The album had a typical late sixties sound with psychedelic and flower-power influences.
On the cover there is no further indication who is actually this "flying guitarist", so that many have not known that this sologitarist André of the former Cousins ...........

André Shore (André Van den Meersschaut) — vocals, guitar
Pierre Dupriez — engineer
Willy Albimoor — recording supervisor
Roland Kluger — producer

1. Barabajagal (2:39)
2. Tabu (3:52)
3. I Started A Joke (2:43)
4. Electronics (2:55)
5. It's Getting Better (2:36)
6. Muskrat (1:56)
7. Take Five (2:33)
8. Jeux Interdits (3:17)
9. Happy Jack (2:32)
10. Tranquility Beach (2:35)
11. Caravan (2:47)

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