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30 Jun 2017

The Share Fire "Tasty" 2017 US Prog Psych

The Share Fire  "Tasty" 2017 US Prog Psych


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The Share Fire is celebrating the release of our second album, "Tasty" on 6/30 at Last Concert Cafe and we've brought our friends in Quel Night and Howard and the Nosebleeds along for the party!......

Paul Whitley- Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Keys, Synth, Percussion
Nick Dow- Guitar
Quinn Decker- Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Vocals, Keys
Connor Mitchell- Bass Guitar
TeriGina Herrera- Vocals
Garrett Tatum- Pipe Organ
Seth Wade- Midi Orchestra
Stephen Brown- Saxophone
Spencer Brown- Trumpet
Victoria Bosworth- Harp
01. M.F.Z.A.R.T.
02. Turkish Royal
03. Absence
04. Silk Woods
05. Faith Demise (Lebron's Mix)
06. Prometheus
07. Reprise
08. The Roach
09. Doggystyle
10. Tasty
11. Frank Sold Insurance
12. Normal People
13. Low Hanging Fruit 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..