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1 Jun 2017

Tinta Blanca ‎ “Salmo VII” 1971 EP + ‎“Avandaro / Virginia” 1972 EP + “Dentro De Ti/Todo Está Cambiando” 1973 Mexico Psych Latin Funk Jazz Rock

Tinta Blanca ‎ “Salmo VII” 1971 EP + ‎ “Avandaro / Virginia” 1972 EP + “Dentro De Ti/Todo Está Cambiando” 1973  Mexico Psych  Latin Funk Jazz Rock

Tinta Blanca ‎ “Salmo VII” 1971 EP Mexico Psych Jazz Rock

Todo Va A Cambiar (Everything Is Gonna Change) 5:27
Salmo VII (parts 1&2) 6:07

Tinta Blanca ‎ “Avandaro / Virginia” 1972 EP Mexico Psych Jazz Rock

A Avandaro
B Virginia

Tinta Blanca  "Dentro De Ti/Todo Está Cambiando" 1973

Dentro De Ti {3:42}
Todo Está Cambiando {4:17}

Tinta Blanca was a Mexican group formed in the late 60s in the capital Mexico City. It is remembered for concert at the festival Avándaro in 1971. Nevertheless, they never launched a LP, just two singles in the early 70s, after problems with local authorities and record the band disbanded.
Post here the second and final single of the guys, with two versions of the song Avándaro and the melodic "Virginia". The group's sound is not much different from other rock names in the country, following influences of funk, psychedelic and Latin rock, with strong riffs and presence of metals such as trumpet and sax. The organ and guitar appear well at times too. The lyrics are all in Spanish, with screamed vocals of Sergio Figueroa and talk about peace and love. Pearl recommended for fans of Latin and psychedelic rock....................

Tinta Blanca band of the Federal District, initially called White Ink and the Mother Earth Co. (winner of a contest held in the Chapultepec forest, called the "Naranjiza", where disapproval of the public was expressed throwing oranges at musicians ), Was also one of the groups that had its section of metals, a case that is common in Mexico and which was not given with the same intensity in Spanish-speaking groups.

Probably the influence of the American bands (Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears, Electric Flag and Buddy Miles), coupled with the tradition of tropical music played in Mexico, where the great orchestras and groups of mambo, with Pérez Prado to The head have always used metal sections. It is also worth mentioning the participation of excellent jazz musicians like Cecilio Chilo Morán.
Tinta Blanca recorded the longest piece of music of those times, Avándaro Salmo VII y Salmo VIII  with 23:45 minutes.

This song became emblematic of the Avándaro Festival, where Tinta Blanca was one of the featured participants, since all his songs had lyrics in Spanish.

After the Avándro Festival, Tinta Blanca faced the resistance to the arbitrariness of the government authorities and the crease of the broadcasters, record companies and entrepreneurs of the musical venues, arriving to meet with the Regent of the City and the leader of the union of the Musicians, Venus Rey, who gave them long to the legitimate request of being able to play their music.

All the doors were closed, they used a truckload of redilas, where they loaded instruments and all, to play anywhere in Mexico City, the famous Rock and Wheels, which was also pursued by the authorities..................

Sergio Keko Figueroa (vocals and percussion),
Thomas Pacheco (bass and vocals),
Fernando Miramon (organ),
Miguel Morales (guitar),
Gonzalo Alejandro Duck Curiel (drums),
Cliserio Villagomez (tenor sax),
Francisco Acosta (trumpet) and
Jesus Segovia (Trumpet).

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