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17 Jun 2017

Tomaž Pengov "Odpotovanja" 1973 Slovenia Acid Folk, Folk Rock

Tomaž Pengov "Odpotovanja" 1973 Slovenia Acid Folk, Folk Rock


First. The first Slovenian LP. The first Yugoslav singer-songwriter album. First, in all respects at the time, recorded in mono and until 1981 processed in stereo. The album, which is the successor waited fifteen long years. 

In popular music it was from the outset a basic instrument guitar. She is attractive, because it did not require much space, it was not difficult, such as the piano, and it has always been found to play a harmonious accompaniment chords, which were based songs. Therefore, it is no wonder that at the end of the last century in the United States got a lot of popular support. They played a big black masters who invented the blues and rock'n'roll later, are used by the whites in their folk songs, which originated from the Irish and English folk song - in fact it was quite cheap. 

Even before the Second World War (during the Great Depression) are musicians such as Woody was Gurthrie, they laid the foundations of what we call singer-songwriters. Slovenian 'authors on the cans', as this kind of musicians sometimes the rules are, of course, role models found on the other side of the ocean or in Britain in the mid-sixties. Authors of music and lyrics, singers and guitarists in one person they create great music and crowd were well received. Who does not know musicians like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, James Taylor, Jim Croce, Donovan and the like, and Slovenes - Tomaža Domicelja, Andreja Šifrerja Alexander Mežka ...? The first Slovenian and Yugoslav kind LP was recorded in 1973 Tomaž Pengov - Pigl. Well, the first Slovenian singer-songwriter Tomaž Domicelj otherwise apply to this style successfully transferred to us..............

This is really legendary. The first album bohemian Troubadours Tomaža Pengova from 1973. On it but classics such as road smile in a day and awkward song. The album was reizdan 1980 in stereo and then in 1991 in digital format, but if you're lucky, if you have the original mono release, be aware that you own a small treasure........................

Tomaž Pengov is an acoustic guitar player and singer/songwriter from Ljubljana, Slovenia (ex-Yugoslavia). He recorded his first album "Odpotovanja" in 1973, reissued in 1981 in stereo. The original mono edition is very rare now. Pengov sings and plays 12 string guitar and lute. His music is original, the closest comparison is perhaps early Leonard Cohen. He took eight years (from 1980 to 1988) to record his second album, "Pripovedi", recorded with guest musicians. The music is still acoustic, but more varied. Later in the 1990s, he recorded two more albums, "Rimska cesta"(1992) and "Biti tu"(1995).........

Tomaž Pengov not only one of the Slovenian singer-songwriters. Tomaž Pengov is the Slovenian singer-songwriter, who previously poet as a singer and songwriter. Those whose folk songs have never been and can not be found in popular culture. He is the first Slovenian singer-songwriter, and as befits the pen out of his fingers and released plate, which is at least as much appreciated as simply beautiful: odpotovanja. 
Title plates suitable is its lyrical fixture also instability, unrest traveling. Pengov interpersonal relationships and reveals his thoughts through the metaphors of travel shoes, wind, road course, which actually leads all the way to outer space. Outlined the world is close to life in all its forms, somewhere halfway between the dream and the real. Inside he is waiting for us as fully fledged success: the smile of a day. This willingly serves as a sad hymn to all lonely travelers, persistent in his path. At the same time at least as important role as the selected route also plays music itself. Pengov on guitar and lute masterfully combines restraint with complexity. With few exceptions throughout the entire plate hear a distinctive engagement strings, leaning on the psychedelic folk music. This forms a hypnotic instrumental seen a majority of the songs of the Father and the space ship, where the verses just focus steps, as dictated by the music. 
September is marked by 40 years since the first edition odpotovanja. Then the mono version with a green cover is vinyl released in 1973 ŠKUC-in, these rare LPs are now considered to be a real little treasure and change the owner for the price of a few hundred euros. Reissuance was followed in 1981 (LP) and 1991 (CD). Pengovov debut is the first singer-songwriter plate in Slovenia and even the former Yugoslavia, as well as the first independent disc recorded in our music scene. As in the studio of Radio Student apparently was not enough alone to cool record, the majority of which occurred in odpotovanja Pengovovi bathroom on Prešeren. He sits on the closed shell was also an echo suitable for recording on a homemade mixer, which is sitting Aco Razbornik from the Studio Tivoli - odpotovanja also his first plate. 
As perhaps the most respected home troubadour Pengov is constantly subjected to a comparison with foreign giants. Because of the mysterious trance music and the voice of the first reference might Nick Drake. More often, they draw parallels with Cohen and Dylan, but Pengovov "fan page" says unjustly: onidva should also issued a bad panel, but Pengov not. The most convincing argument for the last argument? Odpotovanja. ........Matej Holc...............

A1 Cesta 4:17 
A2 Danaja 3:15 
A3 V Nasmehu Nekega Dneva 3:50 
A4 Potovanje Nespečih 3:34 
A5 Matala 2:20 
A6 Čakajoč Nase, Brat 4:20 
A7 Narodna Pesem 3:00 
A8 Kretnje 3:10 
B1 Druga Jesen 3:45 
B2 Oče 7:25 
B3 Sarkofagi 4:37 
B4 Ladje Prostora 7:57 
B5 Epistola 5:30

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