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17 Jun 2017

Various "I Am Drum" 2015 Compilation Afro Funk recordings 1962-1980

Various "I Am Drum" 2015 Compilation Afro Funk recordings 1962-1980


With these ten songs, we travel across the 1960´s and 1970´s from Ghana to Madagascar, Mali to Benin thru Burkina Faso where Aftican rhythms wrote history."......................

Awesome Afro Funk & Afro rarities compilation on new swedish label Woah Dad! featuring music from Benin, Ghana, Madagascar, Mali or Burkina Faso......

A few months ago, Sing A Song Fighter Idrissa Soumaoro & L'Eclipses released forgotten masterpiece Le Tioko-Tioko and now it's Woah Dad! S turn to turn his eyes on the African continent. The result is an excellent collection of 10 tracks compiled by the hardworking musicologist Florent Mazzoleni, who says most about the quality. Discovered him through the reprint of Bobb Trimbles' New York Symphonic Masterpiece Harvest Of Dreams from 1982. 

In a short period of time, two Swedish record companies have gone the same way as Analog Africa, Vampi Soul and Soul Jazz. These labels are driven by the goal of recreating the past, returning lost recordings to their legitimate value. Music has nothing to download in a chest of drawers or on a wind, music will be kept alive. 

Mazzoleni has done a great job and the music commutes between Melody Ace's spy-like surf band "Assaw Fofor" to legendary Poly Rythmo de Cotonous funkinspired afrobeat. The latter band started his career in 1966 and existed until the early 80's. They record more than 500 songs and "Y'a Pas Moyen" is written on this disc. In other words, there is more to retrieve (if someone doubted). 

Getting to know I Am Drum is like being in place at the time of recording. The time difference between now and then ceases to exist, and in the exchange between African and American influences, organic and life-giving music appears that does everything to wake winter-borne souls. It's high time to wake up from sleep. It is cultural meetings that drive development forward.....[Woah Dad!, 27 november]..............

A1 –The Melody Aces* Assaw Fofor (Ghana-1962) 
A2 –Sylvin Marc Listen to Something About Soul part 1&2 (Madagascar-1968) 
A3 –Blucky D'Almeida*, Black Santiago Les Nanes (Benin-1972) 
A4 –Black Dragons De Porto Novo* Onyunho (Benin-1973) 
A5 –Poly Rythmo De Cotonou* Y'a pas moyen (Benin-1973) 
B1 –Gnonnas Pedro L'Indomptable Gnonnas Pop (Benin-1974 
B2 –Bozambo Kombissé (Burkina Faso-1976) 
B3 –Abdoulaye Cissé* Aw Yé Douba Ké (Burkina Faso-1980) 
B4 –Super Djata Band De Bamako* Tiefoly (Mali-1980) 
B5 –Pierre Sandwidi* Boy Cuisiner (Burkina Faso-1980)

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