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11 Jun 2017

Year 2000 ‎ “A Musical Odyssey"1969 US Private Heavy Psych Rock

Year 2000 ‎ “A Musical Odyssey"1969 US killer very rare Private Heavy Psych Rock

Florida-based band Year 2000 released a full length album in 1969 called, A Musical Odyssey which had small regional success with their tune “Pop Goes The Weasel”. They dissolved later that same year. “Spooky” is a serious slow-burner that drags one foot in soul, the other in pop. The deep haunting organ swirls effectively around a simple beat and scratchy guitar. 

The sound is similar to the Long Island groups of the era (Vanilla Fudge, Hassles, Rascals etc.) heavy on the Hammond organ, soulful vocals, with a touch of psychedelia…………… 

The Year 2000 
*Artie Alice - Drums 
*Billy Adams - Bass 
*Mickey ? - Lead Guitar 
*Michael ? - Hammond Organ 
*? - Vocals 
*Little Guy ? - Guitar 

A1 Working So Hard
A2 Spooky
A3 Love Love Love
A4 Something About You
A5 Midnight Hour
A6 Walking In Dry Rain
B1 Perfect Love
B2 Get Ready
B3 Tell Nobody
B4 Of Hallowed Minds
B5 Life Is Confusing
B6 Cheetah 

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