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12 Jun 2017

Zitakula “Oasis” 2017 Amsterdam Afrofunk,Afrobeat,Jazz Funk debut album

Zitakula “Oasis”  2017  Amsterdam Afrofunk,Afrobeat,Jazz Funk debut album


"This octet delivers a huge sound ... which usually requires a minimum of fifteen musicians to achieve. Zitakula can proudly continue its victory march along the summer festivals with this more than festive album." - OOR ..........

"Oasis is a debut to be proud of. ... It has an irresistible live feel that would make even the toughest non-dancer begin to move. ... An awesome encounter with band which sounds inspired and driven. " - Written in Music .......

"Excellent music for the upcoming festival season. You won't be able to sit still with this band!" - Musicmaker...............

Zitakula is equal parts high-energy funk and a hypnotic trip around the southern hemisphere.
In the past three years, Zitakula has played over a hundred shows at dozens of festivals with their own infectious brand of funk, afrobeat and tropical grooves, setting thousands of feet loose on the dance floor in nearly a hundred shows. They played at Oerol, Noorderslag, Wicked Jazz Sounds Festival, Zwarte Cross, 22Fest, Summer Jazz, Valkhof Festival, Welcome to the Village and Noorderzon, Paradiso and de Melkweg, among others—and were featured in radio show 'Spijkers met Koppen' and twice in Dutch television show De Wereld Draait Door.

In September 2016, the band was transformed by the arrival of vocalist Sandy Miessi Bakomi. In four months they wrote and recorded their debut album Oasis—released in April 2017 with a sold-out show in Amsterdam's Paradiso. The record mixes authentic afrobeat, raw funk, and steaming psychedelic soul into an explosive cocktail.
Oasis was produced by Wiboud Burkens (Jungle By Night, Zuco 103, Benjamin Herman) and recorded in Schenk Studio, Amsterdam. The artwork for the album was made by Amsterdam-based designer duo Machine..................

Not yet four months after singer Sandy Miessi Bakomi joined the band, the debut album Oasis was recorded: a musical oasis of endless fun and hard work. In the Schenk Studio, producer Wiboud Burkens (Jungle by Night, Re: Freshed Orchestra) organized the 8-chaos chaos. Steve Berson (Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, The Budos Band) took the mastering on his behalf. The Amsterdam design agency Machine devised the album cover as a kind of viewing box: entirely composed of paper, shelter details under a suitcase.
With Oasis, the company delivers an album that draws from Congo to Nigeria, through Mali and Ethiopia; Towards Sandy's roots. There they cross the ocean, along Rio de Janeiro and the Caribbean, to the southern United States, looking for swampsoul and desert rock. Sandy's voice bites across the mood of styles and influences. First dreamy and jazzy, then raw and edgy. In three languages ​​she travels through a world of visions, anxiety dreams and family history. And that on a shaking bed of blazers, drums, percussion, bass, guitar, orgels and synths.........

"Just four months after the lucky day our singer Sandy Miessi Bakomi was a member of the band, we spent two weeks at the Schenk studio in Amsterdam to record the songs of this album. We spent two weeks immersed in music and ended the year in an oasis And we were able to work with a wonderful, tireless crew who never lost their good humor during the work.For us, 'Oasis' is a safe haven where we have the freedom to spend our time with nothing but music Privilege in this difficult time.

Oases are a source of life in this often hostile world, as well as music for many of us is a source of energy. Oases have provided caravans and traders in the desert, which for a long time brought prosperity and wealth from Black Africa into Mediterranean Europe. In this way they embody the clash of many traditions and languages, which are also found in the heart of our music. We hope that this recording can be an oasis of its own: a place of special sounds and stories of these ten songs, a place to stay and to return. "- Zitakula........

If your expectation with the title of the Zitakula is an oasis of calm, it's time to seriously adjust your expectations. Just as ripping rhythms, Brazil's sounds, Funk and Afrobeat sounds, some light psychedelics, a spell will be spiced here and there and all that's done with tight and varied percussion, a blazer section that combines whole oases as a whole with fire and flames. And a fierce and powerful singer are your idea of ​​rest, then, yes, this debut brings you an oasis of calm and bliss. It has been the Amsterdam company to make a debut that brings the summer to every season, which carries an irresistible live feeling, and even the most stunned non-dancer will make involuntary dance movements.

Zitakula's liver deputation has been a house for years. For example, they played at the Summer Park in Venlo in 2015, where they finished their second day with their set and played on both the Black Cross, the Valkhoff Festival, Noorderslag and Oerol: all festivals where you can prove your live. The debut clearly tells the listener who did not know the band yet, that the band has the qualities and songs in order to make a lively and lively party of those live performances. In addition, very energetic Frenzy knows how to open the album on how spinach gave Popeye energy. Do not be surprised by the apparent calm that occasionally radiates the bass, the number is fast and easy to read. Children Of The Sun blends a wonderful 1970's pesky feel with funnel while singer Sandy Miessi Bakomi seems to be able to process South American influences in her vocal lines. Bonzenga brings the Afrobeat into the living room with Sandy's strong vocal song. The music of the band is cast as cast: her voice dances with music. Especially how the synergy of the band with Sandy works: she was not in the band for half a year when the debut was recorded.

Why So Mad Swings Poppy with influences from hip hop, jazz and funk, and with the blazers section is the perfect answer to any inconvenience you might feel. Certainly at this time, in particular, the expression of any kind of dissatisfaction has been raised to human rights, this relational message is a welcome one. If Mirage then sounds, you can just be packed as a listener. The swing of the song is second to none and it has a mysterious magic that is completely dealt with by the contrast between the blazer section, the bass bar, the keys, the percussion and the guitar submerged guitar. Very nice bridge in this song even if the mood changes in the middle of the song. And then we have not even talked about the beautiful colorful cover that fits the music. The cover design is also very appealing.

The album offers five other beautiful songs in which the various musicians sprout with their diverse worldly sounds, whether the Afrobeat is, the funk, the jazz scene added to a song, the pop or hip hop, it's an album that's enough to Discovering and in which Sandy's guiding voice takes you full of fire and experience. The band has worked hard to make this album. Those efforts have not been for nothing. Oasis is a debut to be proud of. While The Silk Road sounds again, there is the knowledge that staying in this oasis can never take too long: a very nice acquaintance with a band that inspires and drives and inspires it. Wolf Bierens on alt sax, Mark Oomen on tenor sax and guitar, Luc Janssens on trumpet, Mathijs Boom on keys, Camiel van Zilfhout on guitar, Pieter Wolter on bass and Robbert Jaspers on drums and Sandy on vocals released a breathtaking business card. Do not miss chance to see and hear Zitakula in a live environment. Nice! Hartenberg .............

Zitakula is...
Sandy Miessi Bakomi (vocals)
Luc Janssens (trumpet)
Wolf Bierens (alt sax)
Mark Oomen (tenor sax & guitar)
Camiel van Zilfhout (guitar)
Mathijs Boom (keys)
Pieter Wolter (bass)
Robbert Jaspers (drums)

1 Frenzy 3:57
2 Children of the Sun 4:03
3 Bonzenga 3:41
4 Why So Mad 4:00
5 Mirage 4:27
6 Bwanya 4:55
7 Quicksand 3:21
8 Missing Home 3:32
9 The Silk Road 4:07
10 Georgine 3:29 

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