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16 Jul 2017

Addicthead "Addicthead" 2017 Swiss Stoner,Space Psych Rock

Addicthead "Addicthead" 2017 Swiss Stoner,Space Psych Rock


Addicthead is a young psychedelic rock band from Frauenfeld. After seven years of studying the stages of the Eastern Switzerland cultural center and publishing a digital (free) EP 'SPRING SESSIONS', they are proud to present their first physical release: the 'STRANGERS 7' ''.

The music of Addicthead is a mixture of floating, psychedelic jams, neck-breaking, hard riffs and danceable, deep grooves. Since the beginning of their history, the guys of Addicthead have given their love for perimente and psychedelic jam sessions free. This love is especially evident on the fully-improvised 'SPRING SESSIONS' EP, as well as on their intense and sychronic live shows. Listen to Addicthead and get spaced out!...........

Rémy Sax - Vocals
Mirko Widmer - Guitar
Tobias Rüetschi - Bass
Yannick Streit - Drums

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..