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29 Jul 2017

Atavismo "Desintegracion" 2014 Spain Psych Prog Space Rock

Atavismo  "Desintegracion" 2014 Spain Psych Prog Space Rock recommended….!


Outstanding modern day Psychedelic Rock!!! Power trio featuring members of another great Spanish band, the sadly disbanded Viaje a 800, their debut album consists of four long guitar jams with fantastic guitar work. A future classic, recommended if you are into early Pink Floyd, Randy Holden or Grateful ....

With former members of Mind! and Viaje a 800 in the lineup, Spanish trio Atavismo will make their recorded debut with the full-length Desintegración this week. The release is four songs of immersive and dreamy progressive psychedelia, not as space rocking as Mind!, who released Stunde Null (review here) last year, or as tonally weighted as the last Viaje a 800, 2012’s Coñac Oxigenado (review here), but exploring psychedelic ground somewhere between the two, the subdued bliss of “Oceanica” and classic swirl of “Kraken” sandwiched between two 10-plus-minute adventures that, one hopes, are the first of many to come....

I will not enter, because I do not want to, to elucidate about the musical genres or the tendencies of this more than incredible sound artifact published by a debutante formation of Algeciras, Cádiz, of Atavismo name, denomination that by itself already allude to the inheritance Of previous projects, read Trip to 800 or recently dissolved Mind! And I will not enter into dogmatic disquisitions of whether we are facing an experimental work, an exercise hard psychde inheritance or if this is a recurrence of experienced musicians in an eagerness to go further and evolve.

All that would be to lose ourselves, to lose myself, in a jungle of long terms that would not describe, could never do, music that emanates from the heart, the sentiment that atavistically feeds the spirit of a musician and the honesty with which a group shows, Gives, an infinite, timeless and one, I predict from this very moment, essential and fruitful trajectory.
Soundwaves impregnated with Floydian grooves of the early seventies and long developmental desires that, at last, transmit musical essences thought and devised to the limit, are the approach of this clever trio formed by an inspired Poti, both in voices and in His eternal guitar, sculpting imperdurable melodies, full of a special sensitivity that does not need virtuosity to expose authentic hymns melancholy and fierce at once, with exciting performances of unspeakable beauty; Sandri Pow, a true percussive heart, which is only the powerful soul, sweet and vital at the same time, of a group that is guided by intricate and dreamlike instrumental passages, solving with powerful fluidity each of the sonic spaces of the group and generating Feelings of difficult oblivion; And Mateo, a resolute and conscientious bassist who traverses the rhythmic aspects of Atavism with professionalism and equal feeling, unhurried, methodical, constant, disciplined.

The result is fluid music, complex, sensitive, full of winks, seductive, ultimately, honest and credible. No improbable artifice, except for small details that embellish each of the four themes that make up Disintegration, added, no doubt, in the background to help, from postproduction, to give personality to a tanned group that touches the Advantage of knowing each other and, most importantly, that he knows everything that surrounds him.
Atavismo knows how to press as none has done so far, thanks to his music and his lyric, the mechanisms of a listener eager for intelligent and satisfying sound experiences; a sick listener perishable produce for private benefit. Here there is soul, there is duende (forbidden to confuse it with topics, I'm not talking about that). I am talking about magic, strength, meaning, feeling, communication, satisfaction on both sides ... I am referring, in short, to Music, with capital letters, Contemporary art made joy and delight for anyone who wants to be seduced by A sincere exercise of an unusual quality.

From the depths of the mind to the pores of the skin, Disintegration fulfills several requirements that make it a classic of the future: feeling (I will not tire of saying it), honesty, taste and love; Love for the listener who is, in short, the impassible recipient of the universal and imperishable work of the greatest promise, converted into reality, of progressive Spanish rock:é Luis Martínez Arilla..

 I am not going to, because I do not want, speculate on the musical genres and trends of this beyond amazing sound device issued by a new band of Algeciras, Cádiz, named Atavism, a name which itself already refers to the heritage of previous projects, Viaje a 800 or the recently dissolved Mind! And I do not want to speak about dogmatic treatises about experimental work, exercises of hard psych from the seventies inheritance or if this is a recurrence of some experienced musicians in a clear effort to go further and evolve. All that would be to get lost in a jungle of burdensome terms that do not describe, they could never do, a music that emanates from the heart, from an atavistic feeling that feeds the spirit of a musician, and the honesty which a group gives the listener with an infinite, timeless music, as I foresee from this moment, in an essential and fruitful career. Marvelous sounds infused with early seventies floydian grooves and devoted to extensive developments that, finally, transmit musical essences conceived and thought to the limit. The music of Desintegración is the approach of this smart trio formed by a extremely inspired Poti for both, voices and his eternal guitar, sculpting timeless melodies filled with an special sensitivity, that does not need to expose genuine virtuosity, and fierce melancholy anthems at a time, with exciting performances of unspeakable beauty; Sandri Pow, a real percussive heart, which is the powerful, sweet and vital soul of a group guided by intricate and dreamy instrumental passages, resulting an exercise of powerful sonic spaces and generating feelings hard to forget; and Matthew, a resolving and conscientious bass guitar than shows the rhythmic aspects of Atavism with professionalism and smooth feeling, unhurried, methodical, consistent, disciplined. The consequence of all of this is a complex, sensitive, full of winks, seductive, ultimately, honest and credible smooth music. No improbable contrivances, but for small details that embellish each of the four tracks of Desintegración, added, certainly in the background, in order to help, from post-production, to add personality to a seasoned group that plays with the advantage of knowing each other and, most important, knowing everything around it. Atavism knows how to press, as none have done so far, thanks to its music and its lyrics, the mechanisms for a smart avid listener that search for satisfying sound experiences; a listener that hates perishables items presented to particular benefit. Here's soul, there is 'duende' (it is forbidden to confuse all those Spanish topics; I'm not talking about that). I'm talking about magic, strength, sense of feeling, communication, satisfaction... I am referring, definitely, to Music, with capital letters, to contemporary Art made to joy and delight anyone who wants to be seduced by a sincere exercise of a quality out of the ordinary. From the depths of the mind into the pores of the skin, Desintegración meets several requirements that make it a classic of the future: feeling (I never get tired of saying that), honesty, taste and love; love for the listener who is the ultimately impassive adressee of the universal and timeless work of the greatest promise, turned into reality, of Spanish progressive rock: Atavism. I did not hesitate for a cajapandora3.

Expression of a gene that had been inactive in the phylogenetic history of the species, vestiges that return, ancestors that reappear
Understood as the psychedelic world, despite its past character is more fashionable than ever, little margin for chance that Poti (former leader of the mythical Journey to 800) has chosen a word as Atavismo as a letter Presentation for your new project. In fact what Disintegration (Not On Label Records, 2014) shows is precisely, it puts you on tray sounds and forms of the past with imprint of present, not because the psychedelia has never gone (although in its transformations it seems), but Because the translational power that characterizes the prism travels in space as well as in time.
And Atavismo construct their first length around this last premise, to the translation by means of suggestion that clean guitars, white noises and classic approaches achieve in us like listeners. Obviously it is necessary for the receiver to enter the game and do it with a predisposition, but when an album begins with a piece of the stature of the imposing 'Blazava' it is impossible to resist, however high you have the guard.
Disintegration: a factory of deja vu, of unknown sensations that become familiar
The tools used are as basic as they are effective, alluding to times when Pink Floyd invented Space Rock with 'Set the Controls from the Heart of the Sun', make you levitate until you transport yourself beyond breathing atmosphere. Disintegration is an album that kidnaps and rescues you, that extirpates you from reality and lets you loose in unfamiliar places but become familiar while playing with your feelings, with sounds that allude to moments in your life, even if you have never heard them, that They awaken nostalgia towards situations that you do not know.
The space and its immensity or pressure that looms over your lungs reaching the bottom of the ocean, sensations unknown but become familiar in successions without fuss, in intelligent developments that flee from the efectismo and flow with a regular flow that puts you In a sea of warm and calm waters while the light of the moon adds gray and indigo shades around you.
Atavismo are almost in the antipodes of the lysergia of Electric Moon and the unrestrained party of Hookworms, its proposal is much more reflective, more breezy but without falling into the pedantry or the requirement of excessive gray matter. The four songs that make up Desintegración put your head to work although they achieve it effortlessly, putting everything on a tray because there are no artifice or hieroglyphics, everything is transparent and can be smelled, touched and savored.
And as easy as it pulls you out of reality you get back to her, going through the Space / Kraut / Whatever alluding to London and Westphalia but dodging the craziness in which psychedelia usually falls so easily. The instrumentations are built with solidity from crystalline environments, they move without teleportation, the landscape does not change abruptly but it adapts to the expectations, they do not fall into the stridency nor when the development becomes alone and it finishes in the logic rise of revolutions .
Disintegration is a journey with four stages but without stops, without change of course or rhythm when entering the station. It is an atavistic rescue, it is an awakening of forgotten feelings or unknown memories, it is a deja vu factory that wins in the long run thanks to that it catches you from the beginning. Being present with this solidity speaks a lot of the talent of who is behind this plate, with Atavismo we finally have a national candidate for the first division of psychedelia. He misses Trip to 800, of course, but you can settle for this. Go if youónica.

If 'Disintegration' (2014) confirmed that there was life beyond Voyage at 800 and Mind !, 'Inert' shows categorically that Atavismo is far ahead of his own - and recent - track. Naturally, the places to explore continue to orbit between psychedelia and space rock, but the (possible?) Borders are engulfed by new sounds and nuances that make this a proposal as fascinating as incomparable. As a Triana of outer space, those of Algeciras combine instrumental power with poetic catharsis, sighting in a particular sonic kaleidoscope a universe plagued with suggestive and cryptic texts, melodies in constant tension and a breath more progressive and warm than ever. From the monumental fire of "Pan y Dolor" to the glittering revision of the very floydiana "Volarás", through the trepidantes in crescendo rhythms of "El Sueño" and "La Maldición del Zisco" and the ethereal melodic spell of "Beauty Four ", the five themes that make up" Inert "wander between the sci-fi subterfuge and the most primitive return to the roots. From mud to supernova, the music of Atavismo is pure sensory evasion, an experience you must listen to, live it, make it yours ... and rediscover it constantly, as each listening brings a new range of nuances to its inspiring canvas. Firm candidate to become one of the most impressive works of this year, ignore his epigraph and run headlong - and with the heart - for him: 'Inert' will not leave them impávidos. Rather the complete opposite.....ALBERTO DIAZ...

Atavismo is an experimental space rock collective from Spain featuring former members of 'Viaje A 800' and 'Mind'. The band's hypnotically cosmic compositions and jams are suitable for fans of a.o. Earthless, Motorpsycho, Wand and Dead Meadow..

Poti: guitarra, voz, mellotrón, Farfisa, Theremin 
Pow: batería, voz, mellotrón, Farfisa 
Mat: bajo

1. Blazava 
2. Kraken 
3. Oceánica 
4. Meeh

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