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22 Jul 2017

Atlantide “Francesco Ti Ricordi” 1976 Italy Prog Hard Rock

Atlantide “Francesco Ti Ricordi” 1976 Italy Prog Hard Rock


The Atlantide  were a group of progressive Italian rock that had formed in Cirigliano, Basilicata. The group was made up of the Sanseverino brothers, all of them from the same country. In 1973, the Atlantis moved to Germany, more precisely in the town of Rottweil, where three years later they recorded their only album in 1976, entitled "Francesco ricordi", completely self-produced. In fact, their record company is called "S", like the initials of the Sanseverino brothers. The LP features a completely hard rock style, where Mimmo Sanseverino's distorted guitar is evident. One feature of this record is that of the dialect inflection of the singer. It starts with the track "The Man and the Dog", where you already notice the hard rock style of the disc. After the first verse, there is a very fast and drawn part. The song concludes with a slow part, much like the first verse. "Dirty of blood" also has a rhythm pulled, even in this song is evident the distorted guitar. The singer's voice is perfect with the rhythm. The track "When the Moon" is 11 minutes long, and is a kind of slow, very engaging in my opinion, and you hear a long part of Hammond organ, alternating with the electric guitar. Another long distorted guitar is present after the first verse. There are numerous rhythm changes in the track. "If I lost my life this way" instead it has a slightly more moderate pace, but there is always the usual hard style. The next song can remember the style of the 70's foreign hard rock groups with that rhythm. "Clown" is instead a trace that begins with a battery roll. The rhythm closely can remind you of the opening track, because the rhythmic structures are very similar. This song also has a fairly moderate pace. Here too there is a lot of distorted guitar. The song takes almost 7 minutes. The track that gives the album the name, "Francesco ricordi", has a very slow pace, like the third track, and it feels clearly a body and electric guitar plot, in my opinion very well executed. Musically, the album contains light progressive influences, as it is more oriented toward hard rock. One of the Sanseverino brothers, Leonardo, died in 2006. The remaining brothers are still in Germany, where they live. The album copies sold were few, some directly from the group. This was the reason that led the group to dissolve. Recently, from some German stores, many vinyl recordings of the album have been found and sold at very high prices. This fact dates back to the nineties. The Atlantis also did a popular shoulder-work by opening concerts of foreign hard rock groups such as Message, Atlantis and Scorpions. With this concerts work, the group in Germany had good reviews. To conclude, in my opinion this album I consider him the best hard rock Italian album ever. Word of a lover of rock progressive Italian MICHELE SGAMBELLURI .........

A1 L'uomo Ed Il Cane 5:08
A2 Sporcandosi Di Sangue 5:05
A3 Quando La Luna 11:15
B1 Se Perdessi La Vita Cosi' 5:40
B2 Il Pagliaccio 6:53
B3 Francesco Ti Ricordi 7:18 

Line-up / Musicians

Mimmo Sanseverino - guitar, vocals
Leonardo Sanseverino - organ, synth
Mario Sanseverino - bass
Matteo Sanseverino - drums 

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