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6 Jul 2017

Bad Company "Live Albuquerque" 1976 bootleg

Bad Company "Live Albuquerque" 1976 bootleg


How is it possible that an arena rock band like Bad Company never left a legit live album in their wake? It certainly wasn't due to lack of touring; beginning with their live debut in Frankfurt, Germany, the group regularly played across Europe, their native U.K., and the States, graduating swiftly from support act to headliner. In 1976, riding high on the success of their Run with the Pack album, Bad Company embarked on their third U.S. tour, a 52-date trawl through the nation's stadiums that spring. The Albuquerque gig fell early in their itinerary, so the band was still fresh and raring to go. The recording itself was made by Mick Ralphs, who regularly taped the group's shows, utilizing them as a tool to more finely tune their set and performances. Which means, of course, that not only is the sound quality excellent, but you get Live in Albuquerque 1976 in its entirety spread over two CDs. Bad Company power through 16 songs, drawn from all three of their albums, although not all their hits, "Movin' On" being a notable omission. But fans were treated to fabulous versions of "Can't Get Enough," "Good Lovin' Gone Bad," "Feel Like Makin' Love," "Young Blood," and, of course, the group's eponymous theme song. On record, Bad Company were an unadulterated, hard stompin' band, whose sound was built on unquenchable beats, thick bass, hefty rhythm guitar, and Ralphs' mortar fire leads. On-stage, the band added another level of excitement, which fed to and from the crowd. Two decades after the fact, the Bad boys of rock finally add a live album to their canon, a potent reminder of classic rock's enduring legacy and the Company's own......... by Jo-Ann Greene ................

Wow, I see this cd is no longer available until 2025 or you can get it for $399 so I am glad I bought this cd when I did.

I saw Bad Company around this time at the Garden in New York and may have even been this same tour as I remember it was after their third album and they played with Kansas as their opening act. The set list on this disc is pretty much the same as I remember and even the brief drum solo just before Rock Steady. Which by the way was one of the greatest moment I had eever seen live as the lights were off except for a spotlight on Simon Kirke and then when Mick Ralphs rips into the opening of Rock Steady the lights come on it was one of those 'wow' moments.

Now for the review and highlights (finally, you're probably thinking). This is fine disc from one of my favorite bands and the best rock and roll singer.

Disc one opens with Live for Music which is a great opener and not on Merchants of Cool. Next, Good Lovin Gone Bad and Deal with the Preacher followed by two of my favorites Ready for Love and Wild Fire Woman. The next three songs Young Blood, Sweet Little Sister, and Simple Man also cannot be found on Merchants and disc one wraps up with Shooting Star and Seagull.

Disc two opens with Run with the Pack followed by Feel Like Making Love and then the Kirke solo and Rock Steady. The second disc closed with Honey Child and slightly extended Can't Get Enough and Bad Company as the encore.

In summary, this is an excellent snapshot of Bad Company at the top of their popularity and a disc I will treasure expecially as it appears this will be a rare disc and hard to find. If you're a Bad Company fan and can get your hands on this then I recommend you do so.......By Working Man..........................

Early in 2007, the news of the release of a live Bad Company show from The 1976 {"Run With The Pack" Tour} was for me a big deal. I was in attendance for the San Francisco concert held at Winterland and witnessed the chaps in all their full glory. The big deal at this point in time was the nation's 200th birthday party that was to occur in July. But, for a lot of us this a chance to see Bad Company {at this time just reaching the peak of popularity} was EVEN MORE important! This was the most expensive ticket I had ever purchased for a Winterland show at $5.00. This would seem like quite the bargain today but, in 1976 this raised lot's of debate amoung my fellow concert pals at the time!

I remember Boz in his big hat, Mick Ralphs, {my guitar hero} with a big smile on his face, Simon was shirtless & sweaty behind his drumkit and Paul Rodgers with a piano with a skull & crossbones flag drapped over it (Jolly Rodgers, get it?} Besides Led Zeppelin, in 1976, Bad Company could have been the most popular rock band on the planet. Selections from all three zillion selling albums were played that night. The third LP: "Run With The Pack" could be heard everywhere throughout the summer of 1976.

Now here we are late into 2007, and I was able to purchase a copy of: "Live Albuquerque, NM, USA-1976." Even with two CD's there still is a problem...This is not the entire show! My favorite song of this concert is not included herein and that was a pristine reading of: "Silver, Blue and Gold". Also missing from the encore is: "Movin' On." Yeah, I was at Winterland and not in New Mexico, but Bad Company played the very same set every night, and wager that the band performed those tunes in Alburquerque. I have a theory as to why they are not here and that is that the source tape of this show that Mick Ralphs recieved from the sound board is a standard cassette 90, tape. The total time of the two CD's of this release are just over 91 minutes in total length {you always get up to 2 extra minutes overlap on each side of an cassette}. "Silver, Blue & Gold" was in the middle of my San Francisco concert {right before, the band played: "Run With The Pack." They flipped the tape right in the middle of: "Siver, Blue & Gold", so because of a tape gap that couldn't be corrected it was left off this release. The loss of: "Movin' On" is easier to explain as the cassette ran out of time before it was played at the very end of the show.

This might seem like a Minor Point to you, But, if your are planning to Spend $100.00 or more for a copy of this "Un-Official" Release, {How, Many of these ARE out there?} it is of concern. I also thought after all the Five Star Reviews, raving of the Greatness of these CD's that the Sound Quality would be Stellar, well it Ain't, but it is Passable in the Sonic Department {It Sounds like a High-Quality Bootleg Copy}. And My next Theory is that Mick's 30 Year Old Cassette Tape was not Mixed as well as it should have been on the Board at the Night of this Show. I would also like to say that Angel Air, most likely Worked their Butt's off to get the Source Recording to sound this Good.

Mick, wanted this one to see a proper release, but Paul Rodgers vetoed that from taking place as he wasn't happy with some of the Vocals you will find here {and he is looking out for his bandmates, as the backing vocals are the problem, NOT the lead vocals!}.

This was a pricey purchase, but as there are plenty of inferior bootlegs of live Bad Company that sre slready out there for 30 Years now, this is THE live Bad Company set to own.

The other reviewers are NOT gonna be too pleased with my comments but, this is the truth. I would not consider my review of this release to be helpful to others if I just 'Gushed-On' about it's greatness and didn't give you The: "Straight Shooter", details about this package. It's getting: 3.5 Stars from me. I'm glad to own it...But, the definitive, live Bad Company Show isn't available on CD... Well, yet!.......................By Philip S. Wolf.............

This was one of the recordings Mick Ralphs (lead guitar) did to fine tune the band's performance and includes songs from the first three Bad Co albums, probably their best ones.
Bad Company never released an official live album with their classic line-up, this was officially out on CD in 2006 but has been withdrawn due to licensing problems and it is now a collector's item. ........................


Disc: 1
01 - Live For The Music
02 - Good Lovin' Gone Bad
03 - Deal With The Preacher
04 - Ready For Love
05 - Wild Fire Woman
06 - Young Blood
07 - Sweet Little Sister
08 - Simple Man
09 - Shooting Star
10 - Seagull

Disc: 2
01 - Run With The Pack
02 - Feel Like Making Love
03 - Rock Steady
04 - Honey Child
05 - Can't Get Enough
06 - Bad Company

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