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9 Jul 2017

Bionic Cavemen "Reactor" 2017 Chicago, Illinois Stoner Rock Cassette

Bionic Cavemen  "Reactor"  2017  Chicago, Illinois Stoner Rock Cassette


The Bionic Cavemen are vintage heavy. And they've come to detroy the future. They began when the guitarist and the bassist met in high school. They were the only two who fit in, and they bonded over pep rallies and bake sales. The drummer met the guitarist in the woods and asked what he was doing with his life. They jammed and eventuallybrought on the singer because he is the guitarist's brother, and the only person they knew to have a credit card. Over a series of car crashes and smoke-filled garages, they honed their sound, embracing the loud blues rock that allowed for the occasional psychedelic trip, while still maintaining their meat-eating, whiskey-drinking roots.
In Novermber 2012, the Bionic Cavemen recorded and produced their first 40 minute slab of rock entitled "Predator" at Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago. There they worked with Steve Albini's French protege Grégoire Yeche. Their second record "Reactor" will be released on a very limited colored cassette. Bring earplugs. The heavily bearded band will head to Frogg Mountain this month to record their 2nd full length album to be released sometime next summer. "Predator" will be released tonight on a very limited 200 colored vinyl. Bring earplugs."...............

Late in 2013 I had stumbled across an up and coming band and their initial release, "Predator", naming it my Number 9 favorite album of 2013. The 4 gentlemen from Chicago are back with their latest release, an eleven track LP that blisters and burns with savage blues rock fury. The hallmark of stoner/retro/blues rock music is, of course, the massive, gargantuan guitars, amplified to sun blocking heights, and Bionic Cavemen have emphatically perfected this aspect of their music, although thankfully not at the expense of their wonderful lead vocalist whose ragged, raging vocals are an aural injection of sheer pleasure. Add to the mammoth sound and spine-chilling vocals are an opus of songs that are immediately engaging with an additional genius of structure and design. This is no mean feat when combined with a sound that is typically simple and powerfully primal, which "Reactor" is upon first listen. But, even at first listen you hear 'more', the kind of 'more' that will keep you spinning it as much for the mind-numbing riffs as for the admiration and enjoyment of high craft embedded throughout, just waiting for discovery............

1 Self Made Man 2:17
2 Lover 3:16
3 EOW 2:59
4 10-4 4:40
5 Midnight Tonight 2:16
6 Alone 4:29
7 Breathe 4:37
8 Train 3:31
9 Black Diamond 3:38
10 Lilac 1:57
11 Crown 4:55

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