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31 Jul 2017

Bodast "Spectral Nether Street" UK 2016 Compilation Psych Rock (with Steve Howe)

 Bodast "Spectral Nether Street" UK 2016 Compilation Psych Rock (with Steve Howe) 1968 original mixes for the first time on vinyl,limited edition of 500


Bodast was formed by the legendary Steve Howe (guitar), Dave Curtiss (bass, vocals) and Bobby Clark (drums). The name took the first two letters of their names. Curtiss and Clark were veterans of the early UK scene, having been members of Screaming Lord Sutch's Savages and Vince Taylor's Playboys, and they had also worked in France backing Françoise Hardy. They were soon joined by Clive Skinner (vocals) and Bruce Thomas (bass), and also acted for a while as Canto. Back in the day Bodast recorded an album, produced by Keith West, which remained shelved til' 1981, when Cherry Red issued 8 of the recorded songs as 'The Bodast Tapes'. Now the original 1968 mixes, which are rawer than the Cherry Red versions, appear on vinyl for the first time. This edition is limited to 500 LP's, packaged in old fashioned backflap sleeves........

Much of this material has been around before in other packages, but this is the most comprehensive roundup of Bodast- and Bodast-related tracks likely to be done. Ten of the 16 songs comprise all of the masters recorded by Bodast for MGM in 1969. These have been previously reissued by Cherry Red and See for Miles, but the versions on these CDs are the original mixes by Keith West, whereas on other releases the mixes were done by Steve Howe in 1981. In addition, there are four previously unreleased 1968 songs by Canto, who were comprised of the trio of Steve Howe, Bobby Clarke, and Dave Curtiss, and evolved into Bodast around the time Clive Maldoon rejoined. And, finally, there are previously unreleased alternate takes of the Bodast cuts "Beyond Winter" and "Do You Remember." The music is a link between British flower-power psychedelia and progressive rock, full of intricate song structures and harmonies, yet also lacking the arresting melodies and direction of Howe's previous and subsequent bands (Tomorrow and early Yes), though it's closer to Tomorrow than Yes. It's more historically interesting than musically significant, but its historical value is considerably enhanced by Jon Newey's lengthy liner notes. The highlights remain the occasional times at which they recall early David Bowie, particularly "1,000 Years." Richie Unterberger...............

Looks to be the only compilation (?) of Bodast - that happens to be another one of Steve Howe's pre-Yes bands. Until recently when I saw Yes for the eighth time - I don't believe that I ever even heard of Bodast. These sixteen tracks looks to be the British art rock / psych band's entire repertoire from 1968-69. Tunes here that I was digging the most were the catchy "The Spanish Song", the cool sounding "Nether Street", "Tired Towers", the well-played "Beyond Winter" and "1000 Years". Personnel: Steve Howe and Clive Maldoon (has worked with Madonna) - guitar & vocals, Dave Curtiss - bass & vocals and Bobby Clarke - drums. Recommended for fans of Yes (obviously), Tomorrow, Skip Biffery and Flash.....ByMike Reed...............

Now, for the first time ever on vinyl the original 1968 mixes, which are rawer than those early eighties ones done by Steve Howe, are issued by Wah Wah Records Supersonic Sounds, on a limited edition of only 500 copies, housed in a nice three backflaps sleeve like they did them in the UK in the sixties!.............

You may know Steve Howe as a key member of Yes during their glory days – but the guitarist had a rich resume of work that went back to the early 60s UK scene – including this great stint in the trio Bodast! The group was one that Howe worked with between his time with Tomorrow and Yes – and they've got a tight, stark sound that's different than either group – maybe a bit of the fuzz of Tomorrow, but almost some elements that point back towards Steve's beat years – although the guitar lines get a chance to really stretch out and do some wonderful things here. The material was recorded in 1968, and never issued at the time – and this superb vinyl pressing presents the rare original mix for the first time on vinyl – much grittier than a cleaned-up version that Howe handled in the 80s. Titles include "Black Leather Gloves", "Mr Jones", "Tired Towers", "Do You Remember", "Beyond Winter", "Nether Street", and "1000 Years". (Limited edition of 500!)...................

Bodast were a progressive rock band active from 1968-1969. Members included Clive Skinner (vocals), Steve Howe (guitar), Bruce
Thomas (bass), Dave Curtis (bass, vocals), and Bobby Clarke (drums). The name Bodast was created by taking the first two letters from the names of the three founding members, BObby, DAve and STeve. The band had recorded an album for MGM but it was never issued as a result of the label folding. It was eventually released on The Bodast Tapes Featuring Steve Howe in 1982. The Early Years, released in 1983, was credited to Steve Howe and Bodast. Finally in 2000, Bodast released Spectral Nether Street: The Complete Collection. Before Bodast, Howe had been in The Syndicats, The In Crowd, and Tomorrow. He would go on to be the guitarist for Yes..............

The name of Steve Howe is enough to draw the attention of the undersigned, of his past with Yes little to add that any good lover of the master program does not know. So to pay a well-deserved tribute to this talented guitarist, nothing better than bringing the lesser known Bodast, with his unique work Spectral Nether Street recorded between the years 1.968 / 69, which was the records of his first period that made the Delights of my ears from the first moment. Here there is no complex music of progressive atmospheres full of instrumental artifacts that remind the incombustible ones Yes, what predominates here is a gleaming psychedelia of robust melodic beat with borders and slips prog. Of which they like to enjoy this house.
To me it's a record that I like, those that win with the listeners, and that I usually recover from so much. And it's full of fascinating moments, some lively lysergic beat as Black Leather Gloves, or Nothing To Cry For, others of more robust rhythm with imposing guitars as in the majestic Do You Remember, in that jewel that is Nether Street, Or in the incisive I Want You, three imposing moments of exuberant musicality with hard and powerful guitars. In others they catch you in a spiral of lively beat tones like Mr. Jones, the gorgeous Come Over Stranger, or the delicious 1000 Years. They also bring us more hard-prog moments, in which they send the electric, as is the case of that tremendous download that is the initial Power Of Music, carried by the hand of that powerful ripping guitar, what a past !!! . And for the finale I leave one of my favorite moments of the album that is Nether Street (Instrumental Demo), that would be the base that later would develop in the third part of the subject Starship Trooper of the album The Yes Album, a wonderful instrumental that will completely envelop you ... and it is not enough.

An exceptional record, and as always unknown, to get lost in his grooves and enjoy a talented musician like Steve Howe, a virtuoso guitarist, unique and special, which must be savored in all its extension. And here we can enjoy it in all its records that are quite varied. ... Music to enjoy and not be indifferent ...

One of Steve Howe's several obscure pre-Yes projects, Bodast filled the gap between his stint in Tomorrow and his recruitment for Yes. Apart from Howe, the lineup consisted of Clive Skinner (vocals, guitar), Dave Curtis (vocals, bass), and Bobby Clarke (aka Woodman) (drums). Curtis and Clarke had previously played together in ex-Searcher Chris Curtis' short-lived group Roundabout, comprising the portion of the band that didn't end up in Deep Purple, and Clarke went back to playing in the house band (playing skiffle) at the legendary 2 I's coffee bar in Soho during the late '50s, and subsequent gigs with Screaming Lord Sutch and Vince Taylor's band. Curtis' previous work had included recording backed by his own band, the Tremors. As a psychedelic-cum-progressive rock outfit, Bodast was a strange link between those skiffle and early rock & roll roots and early-'70s art rock. Bodast slogged around the underground circuit in 1968 and 1969, never releasing any official product; some interest on the part of Deep Purple's label (Tetragrammaton) came to naught, and they seldom played live, although they spent lots of time writing and rehearsing original material. Howe actually turned down offers from the Nice and Jethro Tull out of loyalty to the group, but finally gave up after the Tetragrammaton deal failed to come through. They did record some unreleased material in 1969 with ex-Tomorrow vocalist Keith West producing. These tapes, eventually released in the '80s, showed them to be an average band reflecting the transition of British underground rock from psychedelia to progressive rock; it's of interest mostly to Howe fans, but even then, it isn't among his more notable work. ~ Ritchie Unterberger & Bruce Eder, Rovi.............

Bass – Bruce Thomas
Bass, Vocals – Dave Curtiss
Drums – Bobby Clark (4)
Guitar – Steve Howe
Producer – Keith West
Sleeve – Marc Argenter
Vocals – Clive Skinner

Track List
01 Do You Remember 3:35
02 Beyond Winter 2:47
03 Once In A Lifetime 3:31
04 Black Leather Gloves 3:30
05 I Want You 3:24
06 Tired Towers 3:12
07 Mr. Jones 3:02
08 1.000 Years 2:44
09 Nether Street 3:01
10 Nothing To Cry For 4:10

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