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7 Jul 2017

Captain Beyond "Lost & Found 1972​-​1973" 2017 US Hard Rock

Captain Beyond "Lost & Found" 1972​-​1973  2017 US Hard Rock


 A collector's dream come true - vintage demo tracks, never heard before, from space rock supergroup Captain Beyond including one unreleased song not found anywhere else! ...................

it blows my mind also that these fantastic recordings have been in some vault for 45 years, captain beyond where very overlooked way back in the early 70s and it seems with the internet and all the past 15/20 years i have noticed them get there due as a cult status band wich is well deserved, these unreleased recordings show a more heavy side to captain beyond and a more raw sound then you got on the two killer studio albums they released, this gives insight into what the band sounded like live way back in the day i suppose but sadly THESE ARE VERY VERY GOOD SONGS and again why they ended up in a vault is beyond me but at least this great label wich has been putting a lot of great unreleased stuff out by classic 70s artists like UFO, RAINBOW etc etc where able to get this pressed on a great remastered sounding cd, this comes as a really nice gatefold style mini lp sleeve and you could not ask for better sound, evans had such a great voice it is such a shame he blew his career in 1980 with that crazy botched deep purple situation in mexico back then, im still suprised he did not show up at the rock n roll hall of shame last year in 2016 but then again i can respect him more for that, it just would have been nice to see him..........................this is also available on vinyl.....ByEdward J. mccarthy Jr.........

Fantastic collection of unreleased demos - mostly from the band's first self-titled lp, nothing from their 2nd offering 'Sufficiently Breathless' as I didn't realize that at first. Starts off with "Uranus Highway" a Captain Beyond previously unreleased track. Very good. Then we get to enjoy some great-sounding demos of gems from the first record - like the awesome two-part "I Can't Feel Nothing" parts 1 and 2, "Astral Lady", "Icarus", the rocking "Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air) and the jamming "Myopic Void". I can't possibly be alone on this but I would not (at all) mind seeing a full-length -quality- Captain Beyond gig from their 'Dawn Explosion' tour if any even exists out there. 'Dawn Explosion' being their third under-appreciated lp - surprised at how many fans aren't even aware of that title. 'Lost & Found 1972-1973' is also available in limited colored edition - both red and blue - 500 copies each.....By Mike Reed......................

Sadly underrated and many times overlooked, legendary 70’s psych rock super group Captain Beyond is a band that will forever be shrouded in mystique and immortalized by two of the single greatest albums ever made: their eponymous debut album and the stellar follow up album, Sufficiently Breathless. Featuring former Deep Purple vocalist Rod Evans, Captain Beyond’s short but very impacting and inspiring tenure spawned a whole new generation of bands such as Clutch, Scorpion Child, and Crobot just to name a few. Their influence runs deep and fans of Captain Beyond are always seeking out other recordings.

With only two albums under their belt (no, I don’t count Dawn Patrol because that shit sucks), Captain Beyond didn’t have much in the way of extra songs so fans were left with obtaining bootlegs of varying degrees of quality. This year, completely under the radar, Captain Beyond released Lost & Found: 1972-1973. The collection includes demo tracks from the band’s legendary debut album along with an unreleased song called, “Uranus Highway” (yes, I laugh whenever I say that title). That aside, the track is fucking brilliant and it really makes me wonder if Bobby Caldwell (Captain Beyond drummer/co-founder) is sitting on a treasure trove of unreleased songs. Only time will tell but for now, trust me, you need this in your life!....................

It's a music lover's wet dream when one of their most revered under appreciated bands from the early 70s, who released but a couple albums and then faded into the ethers like a footnote in a voluminous tome, finally scrapes out the decades-old barrels and finds a few goodies to throw out to their staunch and loyal followers. Such is the case in 2017 when from out of the blue the short-lived heavy prog outfit CAPTAIN BEYOND unexpectedly puts out a new compilation called LOST & FOUND 1972-1973. How are the fans to take this? Is this a litmus test to see how well received it is and prognosticate a possible reunion and dare i even say - new album? Yes, the early 70s heavy prog rockers led by ex-Deep Purple vocalist Rod Evans along with guitarists Larry Reinhard and Lee Dorman from Iron Butterfly and drummer Bobby Caldwell who played with Johnny Winter crafted their supergroup into a major cult hit but never really got the respect they deserved and after two decent albums and one not so much so disbanded presumably never to be heard from again.
Well before you get your knickers too much in a bind, let me just state clearly that this is NOT an album that consists of entirely new material. Well, there is one new track that never was released but otherwise this is merely a collection of demos and alternate takes. Most of these tracks appeared (in final form of course) on the eponymous debut album whereas one comes from the oft loathed third album 'Dawn Explosion.' Curiously there is nothing from the second album 'Sufficiently Breathless.' This album is exactly what you would expect, namely a collection of material that was probably never meant to see the sunlight outside of its eternal crypt in someone's basement or attic or who knows where with all the raw and gritty pre-production values one could imagine. And that's exactly what we get here.

The only totally new track here is the hilariously titled 'Uranus Expressway' (yeah, i can't help but thinking it could be nicknamed 'Hershey Highway!!!!' LOL. Despite the silly title, this is a serious bluesy rock track that is nothing out of the ordinary from the day and wisely left off of the debut album for it doesn't have that progressive flair like many of those earliest of tracks. It actually echoes back to a more primeval era of Deep Purple minus John Lord's keyboard contributions, of course, but actually a decent energetic rocker that finds the band in fine form with a tinge of Southern twang that correlates the Johnny Winter connection. All in all these are interesting relics from the past and will undoubtedly be ravishingly devoured by rabid fans foaming at the mouth for any scraps of residue from the hitherto inaccessible vaults, but other than the single new track there isn't much that is out of the ordinary from what's actually on their albums. It's not like these tracks are so different compared to some of those on the Beatles' different versions for example. This is definitely a good and worthy extra supplement for any collector's shelves but not one i feel warrants the essential label. Nice album cover :) siLLy puPPy ...........

Certainly going beyond what any of us ever thought we’d hear from super group Captain Beyond, Lost & Found 1972-1973 features never-heard-before vintage demo tracks, from these self-described “space rock” rockers. Considered one of the most underappreciated gems of 70s rock, this super group of Englishmen and Americans featured Deep Purple’s original singer Rod Evans, Iron Butterfly’s Lee Dorman and Rhino Reinhardt, and Johnny Winter’s drummer Bobby Caldwell.

Captain Beyond released three studio albums after Duane Allman heard a demo tape of the group, and was so blown away, he all but demanded the band join The Allman Brother Band roster on Capricorn Records. Those original demos remained buried until just recently when Caldwell unearthed them. The noisy guitar jangly heavy jump of “Uranus Expressway,” a song that never appeared on any Captain Beyond release, opens the CD. We get the demos of tunes like “As The Moon Speaks (To The Waves Of The Sea),” the descending warble key opening of heavy organ plodder, “Icarus,” with its mastery of riffery

A particular brand of jamming this band does heavy and hard, with Caldwell's drumming at the leading, isw at the heart of “Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air).” Then there's "Myopid: Void," which really showcases what Captain Beyond was all about: heavy attack, soling flights of guitar, mid-tempo change-ups and Evans singing strong through the drive and punch of mix of rock and psychedelia. The players of Captain Beyond were pretty ‘super’ and these tunes sound very good for demos. Lost & Found 1972-1973 is a brilliant collection of stuff to be sure, as much to please fans of this band, as anyone looking to go beyond their usual rock Greco. Jr.............

Bass – Lee Dorman
Drums, Vocals – Bobby Caldwell
Guitar – Rhino*
Lead Vocals – Rod Evans

A1 Uranus Highway (Previously Unreleased Song)
A2 I Can't Feel Nothing (Part 1)
A3 As The Moon Speaks (To The Waves Of The Sea)
A4 Astral Lady
A5 As The Moon Speaks (Return)
A6 I Can't Feel Nothing (Part 2)
B1 Icarus
B2 Raging River Of Fear
B3 Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air)

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