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25 Jul 2017

Conexion "Harmony"1973 Spain Prog Jazz Rock Fusion Second album

Conexion "Harmony"1973 Spain Prog Jazz Rock  Fusion Second album


Conexion was a kind of Spanish version of Blood, Sweat & Tears and Chicago, i.e. up-beat, song-oriented jazz-rock with brass and guitars. Their first album had a side-long track of greater interest, an ambitious instrumental named "Concierto Uno".

After recording a number of singles, they released in 1973 the LP Harmony with the label Movieplay, then they realised one more single and dissapeared. They make a commercial sould with progressive touches, so we can consider them as one of the pioneers of our progressive. Luis Miguel Fornés was afterwards in other spanish prog bands like Agamenón, Araxes, Dolores (the band of Pedro Ruy Blas) and Guadalquivir, among others. The keyboardinst and flute is the hyper-famous and top-seller in Spain Luis Cobos, who sold a lot doing disco covers of classical music. (Diego Herrera).

Connection was a band formed by the famous conductor Luis Cobos. Its discography consists in a handful of singles and this LP, which features a fifteen minute long, mostly instrumental suite.....

The Madrid jazz-rock band Conexión was a kind of Spanish version of the American bands Blood, Sweat & Tears and Chicago, i.e. Playing song-oriented jazz-rock with brass and brass guitars. After recording several singles from 1969 to 1973, the last year they released the LP "Harmony" via the label "Movieplay", then recorded another single in 1974 and disappeared. On the album, where the long track attracted the greatest interest, an ambitious instrumental called Concierto Uno, and on singles, the group showed commercial material with progressive strokes that allowed Conexión to be regarded as one of the pioneers of the Spanish prog-rock mainstream. Keyboard Luis Miguel Fornés was later seen in Spanish prog rock bands such as Agamenón, Araxes, Dolores (where Pedro Ruy Blas was leading), Guadalquivir and others. Another master of keyboards, as well as flutes - hyper-famous and top trader Luis Cobos - further realized quite a lot in the home country and beyond its disco covers of works of classical music. (Jorge Pac)..

Harmony were Spain's entrant in the brass-rock stakes, their answer to Blood, Sweat & Tears, maybe, who released several singles and an album, 1973's Harmony. It's a decent enough effort of its type, although they were unlikely ever to worry Chicago overmuch. Aside from the rather cheesy title track/single, the rest of the material is in the jazz/rock vein, veering between the funky Hello My Friend, the doomy Don't Cry and Concierto Uno, a side-long fusion epic, no less.
Saxophonist Luis Cobos doubled on Mellotron, mostly on Don't Cry, which begins with a murky cello part, with chordal strings and a flute melody later in the decidedly Mellotron-heavy track, with the tiniest smattering of strings buried in the mix on Summer Day for good measure. The whole album, plus loads of singles and other stuff, is available on Reves' two-disc Todas Sus Grabaciones en Sonoplay y Movieplay (1969-1974), which is good news for brass fans, although I couldn't honestly recommend it for the Mellotron.

Arranged By – Luis Cobos
Bass Guitar – Alfredo Lozoya
Cover – M. A. Machín*
Drums – Ernesto Herrero*
Guitar – César Fornés
Photography By – Gigi (28)
Piano, Organ – Luis Miguel Fornés*
Producer – Gonzalo De La Puerta
Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards – Luis Cobos
Sound Designer – Manuel Gama
Trumpet – Rafael López, Serafín Alberca
Vocals – Danny McKanlly

1.- Harmony
2.- Don’t cry
3.- Hello my friend
4.- Our music
5.- Summer day
6.- Concierto uno

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