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11 Jul 2017

Dorian Gray "Idahaho Transfer" 1976 German Private Kraut Prog

Dorian Gray "Idahaho Transfer" 1976 ultra rare German Private Kraut Prog


This extremely rare record was originally released on the obscure New Blood label. Apparently there were just 200 copies made so it's not hard to understand why this is one of the rarest and most valuable krautrock albums of all time. However even if the album is very sought-after among the collectors I'm still not convinced about the musical quality in this record.

The album includes a quite poor sound quality and the overall feeling is pretty amateurish. The compositions are nothing exceptional but some of them are still pretty nice. My personal favourite is probably the album closer "July, 13th". As a totality this pretty forgotten album gets 2,5 stars from me which means it includes some enjoyable parts but also some clearly weaker ...CooperBolan ...........

Hopelessly obscure band from Meinerzhagen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany released only one album in 1976, in a limited run of 200 copies. Raw keyboard/guitar based progressive rock with great male and female vocals in German. Could have been produced a little better but the enthusiasm and musicianship of the players makes this a satisfying listen......

It was their only album released in 1976, and it seems to have been released in a production format often. The psychedelic atmosphere of the dizzying hair that is felt in the cover art seems to be lacking enough to represent their music. These sounds have a dark and gloomy ambience that transcends the genre as a whole, with primitive tempo drums, drugged vocals, guitars and psychedelic smells and keyboards, It has a unique taste. If you look at the year of release, the sound they hear is rather a sound that sounds better in the early seventies. Claudia Schippel on vocals, Filler F.Muschen born on guitars, Kurt I. Patzold on drums, Rudiger Brune on keyboards and Herbert Jassmann on bass, all of these five-member constructions, The members are taking a way to contribute to all the songs evenly. In fact, it is a very complex composition that is difficult to say exactly because it is Moore, and the moment that it suddenly changes suddenly. The keyboard, which constantly eavesdrops on my ears, creates a rough sound that is definitely not trimmed, but I would like to rate it as an excellent work that makes me feel the considerable musical potential inherent in the work. It's a bit of a harsh recording condition and an inexperience of engineering that you can often feel in a frequently produced album that was produced at the time, but it does not seem to be a hindrance to talking about their music. It seems that there is an eerie kind of magical power to sit and listen to the performances of those who have thoroughly fused various elements of the symphonic rock, jazz rock, etc......

Bass – Herbert Jassmann
Drums – Kurt I. Pätzold
Guitar, Vocals – Filler F. Müschenborn
Keyboards – Rüdiger Brune
Vocals – Claudia Schippel

A1 Idaho Transfer
A2 Nighttime Is Colder Than Outside
A3 The Mole
A4 Extraodinary Exercises
Quasimodo Shuffle
B1.1 Crusus
B1.2 The Doombox
B2 July, 13th

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