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8 Jul 2017

Fable "Get The "L" Outta Here" 1974 Canada Hard Rock Stoner

Fable Get The "L" Outta Here 1974 Canada Hard Rock Stoner


Hearing the onslaught of stoner metal bands struggling desperately to recreate the airy deep end of mid-’70s heavy music is amusing… almost as much as actually coming across the occasional bona fide prog metal outfits long forgotten over the ages. Canadian band, Fable blended the questionable aesthetics of cape-laden Rush with Paranoid-era Black Sabbath’s eeriness and a moderately softer structural attack reminiscent of Budgie. The end result is the perfect of black light proto-metal/hard rock begging for a big ol’ bong suck and an imaginary dragon ride to the land of vans painted with wizards, barbarians, and Aztec goddesses. Surprisingly timeless despite an obviously specific historical specificity, Get The "L” Outta Here! provides the perfect document of a band with nothing affecting the excesses of ’70s rock’n’roll. Plenty of epic songs with an abundance of guitar soloing perfectly intertwined with smooth riffs, heavy on wah-wah pedal and jam band aura makes for a fun retrospective party listen. The vocalist has a smooth yet punchy delivery. And when compared to the accessibility of modern stoner rock this proves that minimal means often do produce the greater results. From what I found on the Internet their time line runs from from 1974-1979 with these recordings made in 1975, but remaining un-released at the time, which is surprising as the quality of music and musicianship is well above average. Obviously these guy flew under the radar, as I did a search on Canoe, the Canadian music website, and they don’t even have a mention. This recent batch of their album to surface represents the remaining copies, so don’t wait too long before you snatch your copy. Definitely recommended for fans of Canadian hard rock bands like Charlee and Mahogany Rush................

The rock band Fable was formed by individuals coming from such separate regions of Canada as Victoria and Toronto. Fable immediately found itself attracted to the "play it loud soundtrack" that accompanies peoples' lives who tend to live and die by this score. Screeching wah-wah guitars, thumping drums, and throbbing bass notes became the driving force behind this Canadian power trio. Also, yielding to their audiences' requests for a recording, Fable went into the studio and created a musical response for their adoring fans. Thus, the album Get The "L" Outta Here! was born. The title of the album reflects the indirect encouragement that Fable received from club owners, booking agents and even family members. Fable's Get The "L" Outta Here! represents a brilliant effort by the band and the album is dedicated to all those music lovers who appreciate and enjoy that 70's Canadian primeval Rock sound. Previous to Fable, however, there existed a group called Hell Hound. Following the last stage of Fable's musical history, Task Force came into being. Throughout these three bands, two musicians remained the core force: Glen Politano and Gary Anderson.........

Gary Anderson – drums, percussion, vocals 
Phil Parmentier – bass, guitar, vocals 
Glenn Politano – guitar, vocals 
Norman Curtis – bass, vocals 
Tony Osri – bass, vocals

A1 Intro (Late Again) 
A2 Kacheena 
A3 Why Is It Me? 
A4 We'll Find A Way 
A5 Hear Me Calling 
B1 Without Asking 
B2 Lady Of The Night 
B3 Believe In Me 
C1 A Cue Stick 
C2 Battle Of The Kneon Knights 
C3 And This Day 
C4 The Tramp 
C5 No Way Out 
C6 Kacheena Again - Alternate Radio 

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