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10 Jul 2017

Fe "Fe" 1972 Argentina Hard Blues Rock,Latin Jazz Rock

Fe "Fe" 1972 Argentina  Hard Blues Rock,Latin Jazz Rock


In the city of Bueno Aires was a group of Los Mentales, which lasted from 1969 to 1971. After its collapse, former members Carlos Echeverry and Enrique "Quique" Alvarado decided to organize a new team, choosing for her the name of Fe. The sound was based on the alloy Hard, Blues, Soul, Latin jazz and Fusion. In 1972 Fe recorded the same album. After this, contrary to expectations, the group disintegrated..........

Bass, Piano – Quique Alvarado
Drums – Pablo Hernández
Guitar – Rubén Biscione
Tenor Saxophone – Pablo Kusselman
Text By – Pedro Pujó
Trumpet – Jorge Luis Canales
Vocals – Charlie Etcheverry

A1 Buen Dia Señor
A2 La Tanda
A3 Que Sepa Voar
A4 Fernandez's Blues
B1 Salve Salve Rock And Roll
B2 Que Revolucion
B3 No Pibe
B4 Locura Estas? Me Estoy Poniendo El Sistema
B5 Mira Que Viene Sin Titulo
B6 Palabras Y Risas

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