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18 Jul 2017

Galactic Explorers "Epitaph For Venus" 1972 Electronic,Space Rock,Kraut Rock

Galactic Explorers "Epitaph For Venus" 1972 Electronic,Space Rock,Kraut Rock


Galactic Explorers is an obscure German band that probably met only to record this record, which remained unknown until the 90s. It was recorded between 1972 and 1973, initially by the duo Lutz and Seisert. Reinhard Karwatsky was a bass player of the band Dzyan and she was in the same studios recording the album Electric Silence. Karwatsky would then have asked to participate in this project. Epitaph For Venus is one of the first discs of the genre Progressive-electronic and has influences of the pioneers Florian Fricke and Edgar Froese. However, they pioneered Ambient Music, creating soundscapes without much concern for the musical structure, but with sounds. Another interesting thing is that they anticipated many elements of New Age Music. So much so that when it was finally released, it was doubted that it had actually been recorded in the 1970s...........

This mysterious electronic/kraut/ambient album, recorded in
Cologne by Toby Robinson (apx. 1974), sees a fine reissue
with remastered sound. With a line-up including Reinhard
Karwatky (Dzyan), the trio experimented with plenty of
Minimoog, analogue synths/keyboards, strange effects, loops,
tape manipulation, treated percussion and more. Take a trip to
the inner regions of your mind, see ancient solar systems
forming, and listen to cosmic winds and vibrations while sine
waves of pure bliss will give you total peace of mind. The insert features liner notes by Alan Freeman ('The Crack In The Cosmic Egg').........

Mindblowing psychoelectronic work with abundant and flowing hypnotic electronic arpeggios (in the genre of Tangerine Dream but less obsessive). The music also features a vast collection of analog synth sounds for some "cosmic", immersive dronescapes. This album announces a turning point in the developpement of progressive electronic music; One of the first "implicit" uses of electronic arppegios in popular music (the reflective, introspective and minimalist "lunarscape"). The result is quite astonshing. It looks like (in a distinctive genre and in a more "simplistic"dimension) to Terry Riley in his extended organ "loops" improvisations (especially in the awesome and trance like "Persian Surgery Dervishes"). "ethereal jazz" investigates abstract electronic loops and rhythms, delivering repetitive "molecular", "atomic" sounds. "Venus Rising" is a dronological investigation with long, linear sytnh chords and a "prehistoric" ambient soundscape. The track ends up with emotional & enigmatic synth chords. A Very organic and stimulating electronic work. I give it 4 starts because it's so closed to the all time classic "Phaedra" (Tangerine Dream). Moreover it was published two years philippe ...............

This record brought me a strong vision of a cosmic voyage, and after contemplating the elements of the music and the experience which it gave to me, I'm ready to claim this as a real masterpiece. The trip begins with sequencer runs resembling Tangerine Dream's early recordings. But as the music moves forward, its nature turns to towards more symbolic sound ambiences, where atonal layers of distant analog synthesizers paint slowly moving Magellans to the vast void of space, Random mechanical noises and humming resonate from the hulls of mechanical space vehicles and satellites, thus creating a very dense and powerful feeling of really being on a travel through cosmos. As the distances and measures of the universe are enormous, also the movements of this record progress slowly and also in minimalistic manner. Thus the listener should be able to appreciate hypnotic and slow music with little events in order to get kicks from this album. I do so, as long as the sounds and musical ideas are aesthetically pleasing. These warm analogue tones did please me very much, and I also adored the lovely psychedelic album cover. There has been interesting discussions about this record being fake, not being part of the original early 1970's space-kraut movement but a recording of later time, being in some success hoaxed to be part of the first wave of the scene. I do not have any opinions related to that, but find these investigations welcome. Even spite those, I would offer my warmest recommendations of this album for all who are interested of ambient and space themed music. Just do your homework before buying "the original press" with four-numbered amount from any auctions or Eetu Pellonpaa .......

A very impressive piece of early progressive electronic music. Fans of the noisier end of Krautrock will be disappointed: what we have here is a very early blueprint for New Age music, with jazz-tinged instrumental interjections occurring sufficiently often to make sure the album doesn't become monotonous but sufficiently subtly so as not to disrupt the spacey, relaxing effect of the music.
The supposed rumours that this is a fake recorded in the 1990s didn't seem credible to me - musically speaking, the album sounds extremely authentic for the Krautrock scene of the time, with commonalities with Klaus Schulze's early work and Tangerine Dream's Zeit. In particular, the other two bands who were involved in this supposed fakery scandal - The Nazgul and Cosmic Corridors - supposedly consisted of complete unknowns, whereas this one is presented as a side project of a member of Dzyan, and it would be an *extremely* stupid move for forgers to try and pass the album off as the work of a real person who could contradict their story!

Nonetheless, here and there a careful listener can catch hints that all is not as it should be here; having heard the Cozmic Corridors release, which I think is a less capable fake, I think the odds are in favour of this being a very well-observed forgery. But even if it is fake, what of it? The music on here is good enough that any fan of progressive electronic or the more ambient end of Krautrock will be satisfied regardless..... by Warthur ............

Probably the best of the 'fakes' on the 'Pyramid' label. This one's just too smooth and clear for a 1972 recording. And I'm afraid they don't fool me with that very 1972 cover either! '
Startlingly similar to old electronic 'Popol Vuh', 'Epitaph for Venus' is a quiet, meditative and fairly dark electronic recording with no drums, bass or guitar, although some metallic percussion does enter the fray later on.

Very hypnotic and unobtrusive but never dull, it meanders along at it's own pace without any sense of urgency. That's not a bad thing - far from it. Outside influences are not present and they certainly couldn't have expected glory and stardom with this recording. It's like a self contained album in it's own right, disconnected from pretty much everything that was happening in 1972.

'Epitaph for Venus' sounds quite similar to some of Robert Rich's recordings made the 90's, only this is done using old 70's analogue instruments. It's all a bit like listening to a game of Space Invaders underwater!

Fans of early Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze should definitely check this out as it's full of bloops and bleeps although not in the arpeggiator style that the aforementioned are famous for. This sounds a bit more random.

A competent album that hangs together very nicely and displays a consistently dark and murky atmosphere. 'The Galactic Explorers' set out with a goal and didn't deviate from the path they Dobermensch ........

The year 1972, the band GALACTIC EXPLORERS, the music: progressive electronic, meditative "kosmische" ambient, the unique, way ahead of its time result: FLAWLESS!
In the best spirit of early electronic music pioneers (1940), without the hassles of the inherent experimentation of its then "primitive" discoveries, Galactic Explorers does not play as if never having heard electronic music, opposite to that, they are in the look out for more refinement to what concerns melody more than mere novel "electronic" noises.

The slow electronics paced mood foretells, the future to come, in many ways to this ever-changing kind of music (electronic music that is, beyond the borders delimited here as prog/electronic music.)

The focus on the songwriting reveals how deep and conscious the Galactic Explorers were of their "earthly" musical surroundings, they simply do not sound like no one else at the time, do not let "unknowledgeable" reviewers tell you otherwise.

A classic, undercovered progressive electronic, 1972, MASTERPIECE, which perfection in music-composition stands poignant and untouched, even up to these days !!!

*****5 ¨"a masterpiece, for any kind of prog-audiophile" PA stars...... by admireArt ...............

Line-up / Musicians
- Johannes Lutz / moog, organ
- Holst Seisert / synthesizers, electric piano, effects
- Reinhard Karwatky / synthesizers, percussion, organ

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Lunarscape (17:59)
2. Ethereal Jazz (15:41)
3. Venus Rising (8:08)

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