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2 Jul 2017

Goldrush (feat Phil & Tommy Emmanuel "Live At Last" 1983 Australia Prog Country Rock

Goldrush (feat Phil & Tommy Emmanuel "Live At Last" 1983 Australia Prog Country Rock


Sydney-based country/bluegrass/rock band featuring some of Australia’s finest musicians.

“A bit of boogie, some rockabilly, country and western, funk, west-coast with grit. 
Comprising individuals who are masters of their instrument. Goldrush is often considered a country band, since many members have performed with country artists as backing members.” 
from Who’s who of Australian Rock.

Formed in 1978. Disbanded in 1984

“In 1983 “Goldrush-Live at last” was released on an unsuspecting public. It was different from everything else that was out there at the time. It was predominantly Country rock/Bluegrass in it’s feel, but the band featured some of Australia’s most outstanding musical talent. Phil Emmanuel: Electric guitars Tommy Emmanuel: Drums Mark Collins: Banjo, Mandolin and guitars Dave Mare: Lead vocals/Accoustic and Electric guitars Chris Haigh: Bass guitar An original track penned by Dave Mare and Dennis James titled, “Keep in touch”, received some limited airplay. But it was live where Goldrush really made it’s mark, with the audience being totally spellbound by the guitar wizardry of Phil Emmanuel, the finger gymnastics of Mark collins, and the novelty of Tommy Emmanuel, now a world class guitarist, playing drums.” from the Goldrush MySpace page.............


Doug Bligh – Drums 
Mark Collins – Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar and Vocals 
Guy Dickerson – Guitar and Vocals 
Tommy Emmanuel – Drums and Guitar 
Phil Emmanuel – Guitar 
Chris Haigh – Bass and Vocals 
David Mare – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica 
Tony Slavich – Keyboards 
John Spence – Drums 
Bruce Worrell – Bass


Single – I Hit The Jackpot – 1978 
Single – What Ya Gonna Do When The Money Runs Out- 1979 
Single – Keep In Touch – 1983 
Album – Live At Last – 1983

A1 White Russia 3:22 
A2 Sweet Elise 5:05 
A3 Cactus 6:44 
A4 T.F.F. 1:35 
A5 Desert Wind 6:30 
B1 Keep In Touch 3:54 
B2 Duelling Banjos 6:32 
B3 Sweet Home Alabama 7:54 
B4 Dixie Breakdown 5:00

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