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2 Jul 2017

Grand Funk Railroad ‎ "Mark, Don & Mel 1969-71 US 1972 Early Grand Funk Railroad Compilation

Grand Funk Railroad ‎ "Mark, Don & Mel 1969-71 US 1972   Early Grand Funk Railroad Compilation


Digitally remastered edition of this best-selling collection of tracks from the American rockers. Following the enormous success of the first six Grand Funk Railroad albums, Capitol Records decided that it was time for a summary of the first stage of the band's career and a two-LP Best Of was assembled. The next studio album, Phoenix, would feature keyboardist Craig Frost, who would eventually become the fourth member of the band so this release is comprised of the power trio era hits. Mark, Don & Mel features the classic tracks "Time Machine", "Heartbreaker" and "Paranoid", which received heavy FM and AM radio play back in the day. The album also includes the band's first truly huge Top 5 single, "Footstompin' Music". The closing track is the epic full-length version of "Closer to Home/I'm Your Captain". This release marks the first worldwide legitimate appearance on compact disc and features a new mastering done especially for this release by Grammy Award winning engineer, Vic Anesini. Iconoclassic.........

There's nothing I like better than to see a classic album get proper attention especially after several decades have passed it by. In 1972, after the release of the unique coin-shaped E Pluribus Funk (1971) by Grand Funk Railroad, Capitol Records thought a two-LP collection of the best tracks from the Michigan trio was in order.

The twelve-tracks found over four sides made up the set known simply as Mark, Don & Mel 1969-71. The power and grace heard on those LPs were timeless, as the compilation went Gold with sales of over 500,000 units. Not too bad for these boys who had rapid-released five studio albums (On Time - 1969, Grand Funk - 1969, Closer To Home - 1970, Survival - 1971, E Pluribus Funk - 1971), and a high-powered Live Album (1970) over a period of two years.

Mark, Don & Mel 1969-71 is a solid set of album picks that are well representative of the band. FM favorites like "I'm Your Captain (Closer To Home)" from the double Platinum selling Closer to Home LP, and "Inside looking Out" from the band's second album, Grand Funk. There is a full side of live material including the rousing, drum-dominated "T.N.U.C." culled from the before mentioned Live Album, which charted high, selling well over 2,000,000 units.

The band began to cross into Top 40 radio with the release of "Footstompin' Music," from their E Pluribus Funk release. The song is included on this collection as well as the epic "Loneliness" from the same album.

On July 26, Iconoclassic Records, a classic album reissue label, will remaster Mark, Don & Mel 1969-71 and reissue it as a CD reminding Grand Funk fans of a stunning period of rock 'n' roll. While we do know the album will be remastered, we do not know if there will be additional "bonus" tracks. Not that there are any needed as the collected set has enough spectacular music to satisfy your Grand Funk appetite.

Many fans caught on to Grand Funk during their meteoric climb up the Top 40 charts from "We're An American Band" to "Bad Time," but that period really represents a different band than the earlier period. Mark, Don & Mel 1969-71, an unusual but loved "best of" that showcased the band's early period of FM favorites with superlative grace. I'm more than happy to see it made available yet again. I'm equally excited to hear the new remastering that should revitalize this forgotten gem.....By Matt Rowe, ....................

It's been a long time waiting for this release but well worthwhile. This was THE Grand Funk album to own in my opinion. It has all the early hits as well as the raw power of Grand Funk live. A faithful reproduction of the original album brings back memories of owning the vinyl copy when I was a teenager. Overall a very worthwhile addition to your collection if you were searching for authentic American hard rock relics. Mark, Don and Mel remains my favorite Grand Funk release and is finally available after many years of wondering if it would ever resurface as a CD. Rock On......ByDT......................

Mark Don & Mel 1969-1971 was THE GRAND FUNK RAILROAD in all their raw, nasty, sexual, high energy, Live sounding Power Trio madness. This is a Great compilation double album. I am guessing Capitol wanted to capitalize on GFR'S huge success with this semi hits album (retrospective) so hear it came very early in there career. It was great for all us GFR Fanatics as well, It was a double Album with a fold out jacket with had great pictures and an fantastic poster, filled with small to medium size pictures. Each album had a dust jacket that had more pictures but mostly articles and charts. The articles were mostly negative and that was a smart move capitalizing on the critics hate of GFR and the fans love of the band. This double album set contains songs from there great debut On Time; There second self titled album, we fans call, the Red Album; There third Album Closer to Home, which has there masterpiece song, I'm Your Captain/Closer To Home; There forth Album, LIVE ALBUM, the rawest nastiest, sweatiest, dripping in sex live album of all time; there 5th Album a very different and moody introspective album, Survival; and there 6th album one of rock and rolls best FM rockers, E Pluribus Funk, which was shaped like a coin. All these albums helped rank GFR with the Great's of the 70s like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. GFR recorded their album's as you would record a live album, and the only overdubs are putting some rhythm guitar where the leads are (all of GFRs, Terry Knight Produced albums, were done the same way, as fast as possible and with little to No Frills). Mark, Don & Mel represents what was what GFR was all about, hard, heavy. loud, in your face, but they could also be introspective and somber, and they could even give us beautiful softer songs as well I.E. I'm Your Captain and Loneliness. GFR had a special power trio music blend that was unmatched; that sound had Mel Schacher Playing his BOOMING BASS behind the note. Don Brewer Playing his POUNDING DRUMS ahead of the Note and Mark Farner playing his wild rhythms and screeching leads on GUITAR anywhere; before, after, or in the middle of the note. Or to be more accurate Don playing at the beginning of the note, Mel playing at the end of the note and Mark going wherever he wants with his wild rhythms and scorching leads. This sound made GFR something unique and special and gave them a driven sound, that made you feel like your moving. Don and Mark do great Vocal Harmonies and both are excellent lead singers as well. All of GFRs first 6 albums are special album's every hard rock fan should have in there collection. If not get this one Mark, Don & Mel, it covers that period. GFRs sound can't be faked or copied, its something natural to the three musicians. This double album captures what millions of fans of GFR still reminisce about to this day. This edition of Mark, Don & Mel is the first time ever the set had been released on CD; It is being done by Iconoclassic Records, who do a great job on these projects. It is The first worldwide legal release of Mark, Don & Mel on CD and is remastered by Grammy Award Winner Vic Anesini. The CD set contains a mini poster (of the big original) as well as the Dust jackets which is all a fold out of the insert. The Poster is cool but the dust jacket stuff, you need a magnifying glass to read. I am glad it is there though. As you swing them middle part of the CD holder open you see the inside of the Mark Don and Mel album; And on the back of the foldout is also the write up which was on the back of the original Album set. The CD's look like the Record Labels used for the Mark Don and Mel Albums back in 1971. The CD sounds very good, I give a thumbs up to the mastering. This is a must have CD set for every GFR fan and Every fan of Hard Rock. Is there someone standing Just out side your door?........ByRichard D. Cappetto............

A1 Time Machine 3:40
A2 Into The Sun 6:25
A3 Heartbreaker 6:30
A4 Feelin' Alright
Songwriter – Dave Mason
B1 Footstompin' Music 3:45
B2 Paranoid 7:35
B3 Loneliness 8:30
C1 Are You Ready 3:34
C2 Mean Mistreater 4:40
C3 T.N.U.C. 11:45
D1 Inside Looking Out
Songwriter – A. Lomax*, B. Chandler*, E. Burdon*, J. Lomax*
D2 Closer To Home (I'm Your Captain) 9:58 

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