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2 Jul 2017

Grateful Dead "Grateful Dead Play Beatles" bootleg

Grateful Dead  "Grateful Dead Play Beatles" bootleg


The Grateful Dead played at least 14 songs written by George Harrison, John Lennon or Paul McCartney during their 30 year performing career. Two additional songs were possibly performed but their existence is recorded on paper rather than tape. One John Lennon song was soundchecked but not performed live. Only 5 of the songs were performed 10 or more times by the Grateful Dead. Furthur, The Dead, Ratdog, Phil Lesh & Friends and various Jerry Garcia bands all performed a number of Beatle songs and, in some cases, continue to do so.................

 Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages, step forward and behold the wonders that encompass The Grateful Dead and Friends. 

I'm sure that if all those who own this grouping of songs were to actually gather together, there would be a collective shy, followed by the question, "How cool would it have been if The Dead had actually toured one year, preforming nothing but Beatle covers?" Well, this two disc set comprised of Beatles covers from both The Grateful Dead and their incarnations may just give you a hint. Yes, it's all live … yes, some recordings are better than others … and yes, if you're a fan, this is a must have, well done, grouping of material that will smack a mile wide smile across your face. All of the songs have been designated by the city, venue and year they were recorded. There are also three separate album jackets, two of which are related in style and theme, with the third being a shrouded blue skeleton playing a mandolin under an indigo night sky, and is my personal favorite.

Please … there's nothing serious or pretentious here, this is The Grateful Dead doing what they do best, playing music the fans love. So turn your face up, let the sun warm your skin and the songs touch your heart … "a splendid time is guaranteed for all."

Live versions of Beatle songs played by The Dead, Jerry Garcia Band, Phil Lesh and Friends and Reconstruction.
Sounds like they were all from soundboards. They remain pretty faithful to The Beatle versions in most cases. But this being the Dead, they do stretch out a few numbers (11 of them, to be exact) past the 6 minute mark and beyond. "Dear Prudence" is 11:46 long.
But even with their penchant of "noodling" for what seems like hours on end on some of their songs played in concert, the length of these songs don't seem excessive. ...........

Line-up :
Jerry Garcia,
Bob Weir,
Phil Lesh,
Brent Mydland,
Vince Welnick,
Bruce Hornsby,
Mickey Hart,
Bill Kreutzmann,
Joan Osborne,
Jimmy Herring,
Warren Haynes,
Jeff Chimenti,
Derek Trucks,
Jay Lane,
Rob Wasserman,
David Ellis,
Mark Karan,
Ozzie Allers,
John DeFoncesca,
John Kahn,
David Kemper,
Melvin Seals,
Gloria Jones,
Jaclyn LaBranch,
John Molo,
Rob Barraco,
Gaylord Birch,
Ed Neumeister,
Merl Saunders,
Ron Stallings 

DayTripper - GD
Blossom Music Center,
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Come Together - GD
Red Rocks Amphitheater,
Morrison, CO

Eleanor Rigby Jam - JGB
Lisner Auditorium, G.W.U.,
Washington, DC 1980-02-12 *

Tomorrow Never Knows - GD
McNichols Sports Arena,
Denver, CO

Blackbird - Ratdog
The Dome, Rochester, NY

Get Back - PLQ
Beacon Theatre,
New York, NY

Why Don't We Do It In The Road - GD
The Spectrum,
Philadelphia, PA

Hey Jude - GD
Copps Coliseum,
Hamilton, ON **

Strawberry Fields Forever - PLQ
Alpine Valley Music Theatre,
East Troy, WI

Rain - GD
USAir Arena,
Landover, MD

* Late Show
** Complete version

Revolution - GD
Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA

She Said She Said -GD
Red Rocks Amphitheater,
Morrison, CO

Dear Prudence - Reconstruction
Keystone, Berkeley, CA

I Am The Walrus - PLQ
Red Rocks Amphitheater,
Morrison, Co

I Want To Tell You - JGB
The Stone, San Francisco, CA
1987-03-08 *

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - GD
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

All Too Much - GD
The Omni,
Atlanta, GA

While My Guitar Gently Weeps - PLQ
Beacon Theater,
New York, NY

* 1 of 2 JGB times played; other in 1976

** Only time played

GD - Grateful Dead
JGB - Jerry Garcia Band
PLQ - Phil Lesh & Friends

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