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16 Jul 2017

Heads, Hands & Feet "Radiohaus, Stockholm 1972" UK Country Rock

Heads, Hands & Feet -"Radiohaus, Stockholm 1972" UK Country Rock


Today I would like to please you with a concert (unfortunately, incomplete) of the English group "Heads Hands & Feet". The band is an infrequent guest on the wall of our club, so many, perhaps, hear her songs for the first time. So, the concert was recorded at Radiohaus Studios in Stockholm on February 3, 1972 for some kind of radio broadcast. I managed to record only 4 songs, but, I must say, very indicative for the group. The main number of any concert of the "Country Boy" band with Albert Lee's magnificent guitar, as well as opening "Warning Up the Band" and "Hot Property", which the band has repeatedly performed both in concerts and on television. I think you will like this country blues.........

A taste of British Country-Rock tonight by way of Heads, Hands and Feet – one of the critically acclaimed, yet short-lived bands of the early 70s Country/Pub-Rock phase. 

Heads, Hands and Feet started from the ashes of Poet and The One Man Band, which broke up in 1969 and became Heads, Hands and Feet. One of the founding members of the band, Albert Lee, was one of the most respected and admired guitarists in the UK, having worked in various RnB, Rock and Country bands since 1959. 

Their first official album was released in 1971 to wide critical and audience acclaim. They had an earlier one, which was shelved until 1996. Heads, Hands and Feet were a popular live band, mostly because of Lee’s lightning speed guitar licks and country-flavored riffs and got their big break supporting Deep Purple in a series of concerts throughout Britain. Later, in July of that year, they were opening for Humble Pie and Grand Funk Railroad. 

They gained considerable popularity, but it wasn’t enough to ease the internal tensions in the band. And by 1973, on the tails of their second official album Tracks and to continued critical and audience acclaim, the band broke up. 

All told, Heads, Hands and Feet had a little under a four-year run, but left behind some great music....

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..