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9 Jul 2017

Heavy Petrol "Petrol Train" 2017 Luxembourg (Dudelange) Blues Rock

Heavy Petrol "Petrol Train" 2017 Luxembourg (Dudelange) Blues Rock


 Luxembourg blues-rock band Heavy Petrol are launching their latest album, Petrol Train, with a live show by Heavy Petrol, Thunder Road, the DFXX, and friends Réné and Remo Cavallini, Lata Gouveia, Irina Holzinger and more. ... 


01. Petrol Train
02. Graveyard Blues
03. Let it Burn
04. Better to Blame
05. Have you Ever Loved Me
06. The Story of Mr Johnson
07. I want to be Loved
08. Hands Off
09. Anger is an Energy
10. True Lies
11. Fullgas Breakers
12. Angel Face

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..