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5 Jul 2017

Hookfoot "Hookfoot" 1971 UK Prog Classic Blues Rock second LP

Hookfoot  "Hookfoot" 1971 UK Prog Classic Blues Rock second LP


Hookfoot was Elton John’s backing band. This debut LP includes songs by Steve Stills (“Bluebird”) and Neil Young (“Don’t Let It Bring You Down”), plus seven originals, mostly by Caleb Quaye. They get a decent groove going on several tracks, such as “Mystic Lady” and “Nature Changes”, but the songs themselves are pretty pedestrian for the most part. Side B at least gets a bit eclectic, with the jazzy instrumental “Wim-Wom” and the Caravan-style prog-rock section at the end of “Golden Eagle.”.....fatpidgeon ..............

Great band who delivered 4 very enjoyable albums, of which this is the first. I've always loved these guys. The only reason I've taken away one star is that, although the first 4 cuts are excellent, the second half of the album is not at the same level. Don't get me wrong, the whole album is very good. It's just that I prefer the 1st side over the 2nd.

Which brings me to my only minor complaint about Hookfoot. All 4 albums are very good, but each one contains a couple of cuts that, for whatever reason, don't measure up to the rest of the material. In the case of the 1st album, Wim-Wom and Golden Eagle are my least favourites. I'm impartial to the bonus cuts on the ............

After years of waiting/searching a Hookfoot album is available on cd. Hookfoot was and remains one of my favorite little bands. I never saw them live but have treaured their first three albums. All were lost in a move 4 years ago so I was thrilled when my regular search finally showed that someone had enough sense to get this out on disc. Now let's get Good Times Coming and Communication out there with some (relavent)bonus tracks and a remaster! Live in Memphis is always unavailable? The bonus tracks on this disc,while interesting, don't add to the original album. They are from a later session/incarnations of the band and don't fit the mood of this release. The original quartet only lasted for the first two albums. They changed bass players for #3 Communication but it still has some Ian Duck and Caleb Quaye(excuse spelling if wrong) gems. I would like to have some of the tracks released without the fade outs from the original album. If you have never heard of this band the first two albums, Hookfoot and Good Times Coming, are essential Hookfoot. All of the first three albums have a different feel. "Hookfoot" has more acoustic than "Goodtimes". Movies and Coombe Gallows, great playing. Well worth a listen. These guys are great musicians..........ByYippierb................

I actually saw these guys live, as the opener for King Crimson--hardly their musical soulmates!--in Aylesbury, England in 1971, before this album was even out. Their set knocked me out with its crisp musicianship and fiery passion, and the subsequent album is no less assured. They're immersed in the US country-rock of the late 60s (note the cover of Buffalo Springfield's Bluebird) and it's no surprise that guitarist Caleb Quaye played on Tumbleweed Connection, the most Americana-like album of Elton John's career, and arguably his best, too.

Quaye eventually dropped out of music to become an evangelical preacher in Florida. He made a quiet return a number of years back, releasing a jazz fusionish album under his own name. It's not bad, but not its not near as good as this album; the same applies to the other Hookfoot releases, in my opinion. Highly recommended for fans of Brit Americana a la Brinsley Schwarz, Help Yourself, and Home............By Paul Reynolds..................

Formed by Caleb Quaye (guitars, piano and vocals) and three fellow DJM session musicians, Ian Duck (vocals, guitars and harmonica), Roger Pope (drums) and David Glover (bass), the band were also backing musicians for Elton John, appearing together on most of his early recordings for DJM. Fred Gandy (bass - formerly of Bluesology) replaced David Glover, who left after the release of the second album..............

Ian Duck - Harmonica, Vocals
Dale Glover - Bass
Roger Pope - Drums, Vocals
Caleb Quaye - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Peter Ross - Harmonica, Vocals
Bob Kulick - Guitar, Vocals
Fred Gandy - Bass, Vocals

 1. Bluebird
2. Mystic Lady
3. Movies
4. Nature Changes
5. Wim-Wom
6. Don't Let It Bring You Down
7. Coombe Gallows
8. Crazy Fool
9. Golden Eagle
10. S.B.W. (Bonus Track)
11. Shoe Shine Boy (Bonus Track)


Turn the Radio On (1970)
Hookfoot (1971)
Good Times A' Comin' (1972)
Communication (1973)
Roarin' (1974)
Headlines (1975) (double compilation album including *"So You Wanna Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star" and four unreleased tracks)
Hookfoot Live In Memphis (recorded 1972, released 1990) 

"Way of the Musician" / "Hookfoot" (1969)
"Don't Let It Bring You Down" / "Coombe Gallows" (1971)
"Sweet Sweet Funky Music" / "The Opener" (1972)
"Freedom" / "Heart to Heart Talking" / "Red Man" (1972)
"So You Wanna Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star" / "Mr. Money" (1973) 

Tobler, John (1992). NME Rock 'N' Roll Years (1st ed.). London: Reed International Books Ltd. p. 240. CN 5585.

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