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4 Jul 2017

Human Egg "Human Egg" 1978 France Space Rock,Prog,Disco Funk

Human Egg  "Human Egg" 1978 France Space Rock,Prog,Disco Funk


Freaky fuzzy club music from the legendary Jean-Pierre Massiera – a weird and wild blend of funky rhythms, spacey electronics, and some of the most mindblowing production you'll ever hear! The grooves are plenty tight, but also stretch out nicely to the sky, too – almost taking on a proggish tinge at points, but without any jamming – just a bit of majesty on some of the vocals, and a strong, powerful lead on some of the fuzzy guitars! Most tracks have some sort of lead vocals, but there are a few instrumentals too ....................

Straight From a Lost Space Transmission  is Jean-Pierre Massiera's freakiest funk project: Human Egg. This earth-friendly version tells the story of the legendary French producer, a bizarre blend of Joe Meek and Giorgio Moroder, recording from his cockpit of a studio in Antibes, France. Under guises and with a mass of French musicians, Massiera released innumerable amounts of library-music, prog, early techno, and disco. Cult disco hits "Space Woman" and "Love to Fly", recorded with Herman's Rocket and Venus Gang respectively, get play here and there. Human Egg, recorded in 1978, is his journey into the funk of tomorrow, complete with otherworldly vocals, fuzzy guitars, and a wild assortment of crazily produced grooves (think Stax records gone to Mars). Classic cut "Love Like This" was tipped by Madlib at a point in time. Also includes the strut "Feeling on My Mind," ballad "Rainbows All Around," and general oddball jam "Onomatopaeia." Highly collectible both for its musical content and that mind-blowing cover.......................

For their 50th release, Favorite Recordings are back with a wicked official re-issue: A super-obscure oddball disco funk goody by French studio wizz Jean-Pierre Massiera, the man behind cult classics such as Venus Gang's Love to Fly and Herman Rocket's Space Woman! the Human Egg album was recorded in 1978 at the Antibes Studio in France, featuring purely French musicians.........

This French group's lone album is an eclectic mix (with equally mixed results) of progressive space rock, funk, disco, and psychedelia. Sometimes these uneven albums can be frustrating letdowns but the highs on this one are so high that it's worth the often expensive price tag.

Apparently, Human Egg was a project of Jean-Pierre Bernard Massiera, a French producer and sound technician responsible for my favorite non-film related horror soundtrack: "L'Etrange Monsieur Whinster" (credited to Horrific Child).

All of his albums are worth checking out.

Finders Keepers released a compilation of this work titled "Midnight Massiera" for which they wrote this wonderful description of JPM's work:

"He started off as a musical scientist who was affected by chemical fallout in World War 2 – he spoke to Jesus, went crazy and became a mad scientist. He then created a strain of mutant piranha fish which gave birth to a world of horrific monsters who assisted him in his murderous merriment. In the end he finds a giant egg and finally makes contact with aliens… That would be the end of chapter 1 and this is the era that we will focus on for this compendium (In chapter 2 JPM would be kidnapped by the Aliens and taken to planet disco to have sex with green goddesses and snort space dust on intergalactic nudist beaches where he probably still resides) In the worldly, derelict, laboratory of Dr. Jean-Pierre Massiera we are surrounded by decaying fish fins, test tubes, fuzz pedals, echoplex units and the lost souls and ambitions of aspiring young pop groups… I think your gonna like it here."*

Human Egg has been re-issued by Favorite Recordings. ...................

A1 Egg 1:08
A2 Feeling On My Mind 4:35
A3 The Lonely Man 3:35
A4 Rainbows All Around 4:12
A5 Fly 4:33
B1 Delusion 2:36
B2 Love Like This 3:50
B3 I Got A Dream Of My Own 3:18
B4 Hiroshima 2:15
B5 You Keep Me Warm My Lady 3:30
B6 Onomatopaeia 2:25 

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