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30 Jul 2017

Injun Joe ‎"Indian Priest / Someone" 1969 single 7" Belgium Psych Rock

Injun Joe ‎"Indian Priest / Someone" 1969 single 7" Belgium Psych Rock

Legendary, rare as hell Belgian psych single - A side is spooky lysergic acid folk with reversed guitar and an Eastern vibe with lyrics promoting cannibalism and the proto-glam pyromaniac Arthur Brown, while the flip is a druggy, boozed-up swamp funk stomper with gravely vocals and funky organ chops that is rumoured to be in DJ Shadow’s Brainfreeze mix. A double-sided winner for ya here … 

1960, the British combo The Shadows emulated with the tube psyche-fuzz “Apache” and began to spread in Europe and beyond. In Belgium, the instrumental rock band called The Jokers is inspired largely by the work of The Shadows or the Ventures. 

Composed of guitarists Jos Clauwers and Ronny Sigo, bassist Jos Raes and drummer Dany Pepermans, barely 70 years old, The Jokers will soon be successful in their home country but also in Germany and Japan. Between 1960 and 1965, the tubes “Tabou”, “Saber Dance” and “Spanish Hully Gully” allow them to sell around 500,000 copies. 

After a turn “blue flower” in 1967 that does not take, the group splite in 1969. It is on this occasion that the two guitarists Clauwers and Sigo meet to record the two titles quasi mystical Indian Priest / Someone. Into the skin of Injun Joe, the evil character of Mark Twain, Clauwers and Sigo deliver a little wonder of psyche rock…………….. 

A killer song (literally) about an Indian Priest possessed by a cannibal ghost in search of ‘Children’s Meat’ and ‘Maiden’s Blood’. A hard piano-driven groove/backdrop with loud whip cracking sounds punctuating the rhythm – Powerful vocal/choir flourishes, too, backward guitar…I think this shit’s from Sweden. Hypnotic, haunting, etc…love it. 

A Indian Priest
B Some One 

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