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4 Jul 2017

Jimmy D. Lane with Double Trouble "It`s Time" 2004 US Blues Rock

Jimmy D. Lane with Double Trouble "It`s Time" 2004 US Blues Rock


Excellent studio production. Superb sound recording (produced and engineered by Eddie Kramer) and a matured Jimmy D. who has found his own personal expression. Neither does he copy the old masters, nor does he get lost in a blues/rock stew. He's mxing old with new, Chicago blues with rock, his father's music with Hendrix and SRV. All but one songs are originals. And great support from the famous Texas rhythm section. Highly recommended for all lovers of great guitar sounds and playing! JIMMY D. LANE - gtr/voc, TOMMY SHANNON - bass, CHRIS LAYTON - drums, plus keyboards..............

Let me start by saying I'm a Jimmy D fan. He has a lot of influences regarding his rise as a guitar player (not the least of which is his Dad), but two stand out: Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix. We don't have to wonder what Jimi would be like if he were still alive - he would be Jimmy D Lane. If you love the Blues, you won't be disappointed. And, of course, on this album he's playing with Double Trouble, just say'n.........

Really enjoyed this SACD. Have not listened to the CD layer but the SACD portion is well engineered. Not too much compression, no channels overdriven, just great sound. This is one that can be put on and just let go for the entire disc. Of course there are comparisons to SRV, may he RIP. Jimmy is just a great musician and I don't bother comparing him to SRV. Great work by Jimmy and Double Trouble....By Aragon.....................

Medium 1
What Makes People - Side One
'til I Loved You
Half Love
Ain't It A Pity - Side Two
It's Time
Stuck In The Middle
Hand On The Door - Side Three
Bad Luck
My Nature
24-7 - Side Four
Bleeding Heart

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