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22 Jul 2017

Joël Daydé "J'aime" 1970 France Psych Blues Rock debut album

Joël Daydé "J'aime"  1970 France Psych Blues Rock debut album


Joël Daydé was a vocalist in the band Zoo on their first album of 1969. After leaving Zoo Joel decides to test himself in solo and records the album J'Aime. The beginning was promising, it was a good-sounding, psychedelic psychedel, and the recording was attended by the guitarist of Magma, Claude Engel....

Pearl coming from France, the singer Joël Daydé was born in 1947 in the capital Paris. He was a founding member of the band Zoo in 1968, recording the first album the group the following year. After he left, released four albums until 1977, unfortunately turned his sound to mainstream pop in the past, unable to succeed.
Post here his first solo album, released in France and Germany in 1971 and counting with the participation of Jean-Pierre Lembert and Claude Engel, both former Magma. J'Aime consists of 10 tracks, most short, that mix of very interesting blues form, psychedelic rock and folk doses, with cover of Rory Gallagher's See Here. We heard several atmosphere changes, with well-crafted acoustic passages on the acoustic guitar, percussion and flute and other heavier. The lyrics are all in English, with Daydé's aggressive vocals and some female participants.
Pleasant surprise for blues rock and psych folk fans, recommended......

I'm Very Well (Part One) 2:15
Can I Live My Life 2:52
Confusion 3:10
See Here 3:30
Cocaine 8:30
Main Line 3:22
The Great Love 3:51
You Got Freedom 4:26
You Honey 6:28
I'm Very Well (Part Two) 1:47 


1969 : Zoo (avec Zoo)
1970 : J'Aime
1972 : White Soul
1976 : Ballades
1977 : HLM Blues
1995 : Spleen Blues

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