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17 Jul 2017

Kickbit Information (ex-Guru Guru-Frumpy-Thirsty-Moon) "Bitkicks"Germany 1975 Kraut Rock Psych Rock

Kickbit Information (ex-Guru Guru - Frumpy-Thirsty-Moon)  "Bitkicks"  Germany 1975 Kraut Rock Psych Rock



 Kickbit Information were Uli Trepte (ex-Guru Guru), Carsten Bohn (ex-Frumpy), Willi Pape (ex-Thirsty-Moon) with Otto Richter and Fritz Hegi, who came from nowhere and went straight back there. in this old schoolhouse in graue near Asendorf they lived together like proto-hippies and they beat out some loud proto-punks; they were oh so wonderful and they couldn't even care less.

They recorded these three tracks (and as far as we know these recordings are the only recordings that have survived) on the 22nd of February in 1975 in their rehearsal room in Graue.................

Great jazzy underground freak rock, closer in spirit to the krautrock of the late 60s than the mid-70s. The rough sound is perfectly acceptable, and well-suits this style of anarchic, free music. I wish more tapes of this band would surface! Dei ...........

A mid-70's German project by legendary Guru Guru and Faust bassist Uli Trepte, which basically played live with no proper recordings.Only in 1998 ATM Records launched an album with three long jam sessions, featuring also Swiss pianist Fritz Hegi, Otto Richter on violin, Thirsty Moon's Willi Pape on sax and drummer Carsten Bohn from Dennis (where he shared the same stage with Pape).With a below mediocre sound quality, ''Bitkicks'' is an example of the free spirit of German Kraut Rock, obviously based on the free Jazz forms and the mood for trippy experiments on lengthy improvisations.All three cuts were continuously recorded in the studio and present a group with strong psychedelic overtones, which performed groovy, sinister music with endless solos on violin and guitar, lacking a particular direction.Heavy pounds of energy but abscence of any forms of structures.Executions are fearless, but not my cup of tea, I mean Jazz fans are more likely to find a soft spot for this .........

Music on this album is very interesting and exiting, but the recording is very bad. Mono, one mic, muddy mess is how I would describe the recording. I wish these guys recorded a proper album in a good studio, so much potential shows through when you disregard the sound N..........

Pure krautrock gravy from the loins of some of its finest architects, the hairy jazz rock blowout herein being choice enough to even overlook the gristly and distorted warts-and-all recording quality of these never-intended-for-release rehearsal room recordings. Led by Ex-Guru Guru and future Spacebox bassist Uli Trepte, this briefly assembled outfit (which also featured Frumpy's Carsten Bohn and Thirsty Moon's Willi Pape) churn out three slabs of classic kraut fusion here in the rawboned and hectic style that Trepte would soon carry forward with Spacebox................

This band was a short-lived side project for Uli Trepte, original bassist for German krautrock band, Guru Guru. 'Bitkicks' was recorded in 1975 and 'discovered' just a few years ago,by Uli. "Schnellbedienung" (English translation: Quick Service) is probably the best cut here, almost fourteen minutes of experimental cosmic madness with elements of jazz clearly intact. "Hacksack Serenade" makes for a good jam session, perhaps improvised. "Psychedelic Review" is an impressive tune that goes on for nearly thirty minutes but it appears that the entire band is completely cutting loose. Better than Trepte's 'Real Time Music' effort. Should appeal to fans of Faust, Ax Genrich, Neu! and maybe SOME fans of Can....ByMike Reed..............

1974 Dennis lived in a former school somewhere in the north German flatland. Dennis was a project of Carsten Bohn (former drummer of Frumpy), which he had created together with the guitarist Thomas Kretschmer. Manfred Rürup (from Tomorrow's Gift) and Willi Pape (Ex-Thirsty Moon) were also part of the band. The band played an interesting Kraut-Jazzrock-LP ("Hyperthalamus") - which still awaits a CD-Reissue - and dissolved in late 1974. Only Bohn and Pape stayed at school. At the beginning of 1975 Uli Trepte (the former bassist of Guru Guru) joined the two. Pape and Bohn were also involved in the demo recordings for Trepté's never-released solo album (see "Guru Guru & Uli Trepte"). Shortly thereafter the violinist Otto Richter and the keyboardist Fritz Hegi moved to the school. Trepte called the new band project Kickbit Information.

Kickbit Information gave their last concert in December 1975. Then the band broke up, mainly because of lack of success. Concerts to a larger audience, reports in the press or even an LP production were denied to the group. The big time of the rock underground and the experimental plateboss was over. Bohn later founded the bandstand and wallowed himself in more commercial fields, while Trepte began to walk on the lofty ladder.

In 1998 a record of Kickbit Information appeared. ATM Records had excavated a rehearsal room produced in February 1975, placed in a somewhat audible state and released on CD under the title "Bitkicks". The sound of the disc is - as expected - rather modest. Despite the recording with only one microphone, although everything is quite good to hear, almost transparent, but an almost constant overdrinking oversteering noise the music well but very much. With a proper system and without headphones you can get the whole thing but quite well.

The musical quality of the offer is, on the other hand, quite high. Bohn later said that Kickbit Information would have been "a powerful jazz rock head music band." Strangely, Trepte writes in the booklet of the CD that the sounds to be heard on "bitkicks" are not jazz-rock or rock-jazz (the "none" is even underlined in the text). He describes the whole thing simply as Krautrock, as (quotation) "honest, vital, psychedelically live music". So, I think it's on "bitkicks" jazzy. Three krautig-psychedelische jazzrock jams are to be found on the album, in which the five musicians dance, improvise and impetuously. Bass and drums dominate the action, drive the music forward, into the e-piano, violin and sax, their solos or other sound filling-in fill. The whole thing - despite the length of the numbers - is quite entertaining and exciting.

"Beatkicks" would be a slice that would appeal to every friend of freier jazz rockexcursions (who appreciates, for example, the various concert recordings of Soft Machine), herbaceous jazz improvising and jamming. Because of the rather suboptimal sound I can really recommend the CD but no one really. Only Krautrockhistoriker and LoFi-tolerant completeists should look around the disk! Breiling .........


Fritz Hegi - Electric piano (in band: 1975)
Willi Pape - Woodwind (in band: 1975)
Otto Richter - Violin (in band: 1975)
Carsten Bohn - Drums (in band: 1975)

1 Psychedelic Review 29:38
2 Schnellbedienung 13:39
3 Hacksack-Serenade 8:53

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