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29 Jul 2017

Montaña Electrica “Selvas y Trópicos ” 2017 Brazil Psych Prog Latin Rock

Montaña Electrica “Selvas y Trópicos ” 2017 Brazil Psych Prog Latin Rock


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Who said classic rock had its days counted? The quintet Montaña Eléctrica, owners of a peculiar style that fuses Latin psychedelia, jazz touches, blues and sixties rock of interesting development, recently unveiled its new work of study, of name Forest and Trópicos, second album of the band. 

With several years of activity and venturing from the classic rock with touches of doom to the new blues and Latin flavor of the present, the 13 songs of Jungle and Tropics (Fauna Records, 2017) show a remarkable evolution of the group and a creativity that nuances influences Decades ago with a sound of the present.

Matias Carranza - Voice, Electric & Acoustic Guitars 
Nicolas Granado - Electric Bass 
Matias Lombardo - Drums & Accessories 
Matias Oliveira - Keyboards, Organs & Synthesizers 
Leonel Calo - Tenor Sax 

Francisco Paz - Percussion & Accessories 
La Negra Monjó - Voice in "Plaza Constitución" 
Maxi Leivas - 12 String Acoustic Guitar in "La Semilla"

Selvas 01:20
Los Metros (un diablo más) 04:27
Un Ejercito de Ciegos 04:04
Plaza Constitución 03:47
Mujer Fuego 01:12 
Tropicos de Capricornio 03:49 
Jazzinto 03:59 
La Semilla 04:20
El Chaqueño 00:39 
Tacones Lejanos 04:44 
Oda para mi negra 05:53 
Falso Ropaje 03:08 
Tropicos 00:59

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