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30 Jul 2017

Mountain Ash "Moments" 1980 Germany Private Prog Rock

Mountain Ash "Moments" 1980 Germany Private Prog  Rock


Mountain Ash were an obscure German band who play a very simplistic form of late 70s rock, but with long stretches of instrumental work, thus giving off a whiff of progressive rock, or even fusion, styles. There's an enormous amount of what sounds like an ARP Solina String Ensemble on display as well, which dates the heck out of this one. It's a very pleasant and inoffensive album, with a reasonable amount of quality melodic composition interspersed throughout. But, of course, every time they open their mouth, trouble is around the corner. Apparently the band have ties to Jane - at the very least it was recorded in their studio. And honestly, it's not much different than what they were doing during this era. So you now have - what they call in the corporate world - ......

Bödeker, Uwe (1) (percussion, vocals)
Fuchs, Hans-Gerd (2) (bass, vocals)
Klamann, Detlef (2) (guitars, vocals)
Menzel, Thomas (1) (drums)
Wahlmann, Eckhard (1) (keyboards, vocals)

A1 Salaam 4:46
A2 Moments In Our Life 4:30
A3 Island Of Peace 5:27
A4 Imagination 6:15
B1 My Child 7:25
B2 Dream 5:15
B3 Silence Is Louder Than Crying 7:42 

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