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8 Jul 2017

Nutz "Hard Nutz" 1977 UK Hard Rock

Nutz "Hard Nutz" 1977 UK Hard Rock


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After acquiring Nutz' eponymous LP in 1974 (wow what a record!) and then a year later Nutz Too, I anxiously awaited their next. In 1977 Hard Nutz arrived and neither from a production nor song writing standpoint does this LP compare with their genius first Lp or second Nutz Too. A mid range production at best, the LP lacks that Nutz punch and wallop. The hooks are somewhat trite (just listen to "Pushed Around" sounds a lot like Woman From Tokyo by Deep Purple). "Wallbanger" is pointless hard rock. The addition of keyboardist Kenny Newton does very little for this LP as well. Some of the LP's strong points however are the blues rock (slide guitar) track entitled "I Know The Feeling" which could fit well on any Johnny Winter Lp from the early 70s. Other fine tunes are "Loser" which may be in fact the strongest track on the LP especially for earlier Nutz fans as it brings forward their previous sound. "From Here To Anywhere" is a somewhat melodic and a bit refreshing. Generally speaking, the LP is OK but it has a lot of rock n repetition and lacks the polish and shine of their earlier efforts. If you are new to Nutz, start with their first, then Nutz Too then Hard Nutz and finally Live Cutz or the recently released Live In Nottingham '77. From what I've read back in 2010, the band is considering recording again-what a treat that would be. You can catch a few videos on youtube which show case their excellent musicianship "Nature Intended" and "Cool Me Down" are featured and are performed live from Old Grey Whistle Test. If you truly get deep into this band check out the 45 from their first LP "As Far As The Eye Can See" which features a non LP B Side "Just For The Crack" and also "Change's Coming" 45 (from Nutz Too) which also offers a non LP track called "Long Ships". As far as I am aware, neither of these tracks have ever appeared on LP or CD. Lastly, Nutz became the band Rage in the early 80s' RIP John Mylett - what a powerhouse drummer...........By Anthony G..........

The last studio album from Nutz shows some lyrical growth from their sophomore effort, and is also improved by the presence of keyboard player Kenny Newton. The band turns in their usual bluesy boogie rock with progressive elements, but with a bit more vigor and nuance than usual. There are some interesting transitions between songs and some genuinely inventive arrangements. Nutz never did have the consistency to be a major act, but Hard Nutz shows that they did have a good set of rock instincts, and if they only had had a first-rate songwriter, they could have gone Richard Foss............

John Mylett - drums 
Keith Mulholland - bass 
Mick Devonport - guitar 
Dave Lloyd - vocals

A1 Seeing Is Believing 5:54 
A2 I Know The Feeling 4:09 
A3 Loser 3:24 
A4 From Here To Anywhere 5:06 
A5 Wallbanger 3:51 
B1 Pushed Around 4:07 
B2 Beast Of The Field 4:15 
B3 Sick And Tired 4:17 
B4 Down On My Knees 3:48 
B5 One More Cup Of Coffee 4:38

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