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12 Jul 2017

Ragnarok "17 October 1979 - Radiohuset, Studio 4, Stockholm, Sweden" Swedish Prog Rock (bootleg)

Ragnarok "17 October 1979 - Radiohuset, Studio 4, Stockholm, Sweden" Swedish Prog Rock (bootleg)


Ragnarök, I had been captured in 1974 after the group Kaipa got his space during a first part of a Tonkrafts broadcast. This was the third time in the radio, for me anyway.
I actually do not know who it was who introduced the program and the group this evening. A little confusing in trying to make it happen "... Yes, a very live music program. It's time for live broadcast again. From Studio 4 in the Radio House comes Tonkraft and there we will enjoy the new-born pop band Ragnarök from Kalmar minsann tonight. First a very short story, it's gubevars'a music program this and not a chat program. A little talk at least. Ragnarök was formed 73, dissolved 77, formed 78 and still exists today. In the spring of 1979, Ragnarök, together with the Byte Theater, performed what they call a visual musical adventure called Butterflies in the stomach, which has also been multiplied on disc and eventually comes out ... We did not hear Peter ... Before we release Ragnarök, One minute's personal cult about, a little presentation of the members and there are some connections in other groups and in the ancient times and so on. Peter Bryngelsson who plays electric guitar, acoustic guitar and electric bass. He was in. Even old Ragnarök and another legendary Kalmargrupp, namely Kung Tung. It also applies to Peder Nabo who plays elpiano, grand piano and flute ... He was also in old Ragnarök. Then we have Dan Söderkvist as an assistant in connection with Butterflies in the stomach. He comes from one, I do not know what to call it, music group at least from ... Gothenburg ... long ago and called the Garden of the Moose. Then we have Kjell Karlgren who performs in the hat, plays various saxophones and elpiano and he is well, as far as I understand ... from Sten & Stanley ... you say ... the youngest member in Ragnarök. So last and least, I think, Thomas Wigert, who plays drums and synthesizers, who, like Peter, has been in Kung Tung. It will be a little messy this way, so the sum of cardamom is at least Ragnarök. "

Ragnarök from scene and I am quite convinced that it was Peter Bryngelsson: "We'll start with a little song called" The East is Red ". And that is …. "East is red 47" ... it's a Chinese locomotive ... "
Ragnaröks "The Lamb lies down in Kalmar" perhaps. I liked the appeal and the ovations to judge, both before the song started and after it was played, the audience did it too.
I suppose it was Peter Bryngelsson whose voice returned in the ether: "Thank you very much! .... Thanks so much! .... We will continue with a song called "Brushanen", which we will try to illustrate with music. How it looks at Öland in spring when these birds are dancing around. "
Varied and melodious, the Rhythm and saxophone sound illustrated the birds in a good way.
Peter Bryngelsson: "Now a song called" The Day of Foam "follows. It's an old Ragnarökhit. "
Hit and hit. I do not know if that was the most exciting version presented. Live, sure, but I suppose they were so tired of it at this time. A foaming end. An audience favorite of the enthusiastic ovations to judge.
Peter Bryngelsson: "Yes, yes, yes. We'll take it a little quiet ... eh ... now we'll play a song called "First Island". Yes, and why it's called "First Island" .... It's quite simple ... When I do music I do not have notes, so I think of what I thought of the first time I took the first notes. That's an island in an island. That's why it's called "First Island".
Funny, cheeky and with a varied melodious piano rope before tactile drums and other instruments entered. No wonder, by the way, that you thought of an island when you lived in Kalmar.
The subsequent fifth song "Wild of Peace" was produced / played directly.
Peter Bryngelsson: "Yes, we are going to drive a little epidemic and crisis and warfare called Smaug. It's a dragon ... "
Violently pretended to be a dragon at the entrance. We also tried to make a song.
Peter Bryngelsson: "We'll continue with a song these last minutes called Blue Cloud People, and why it's called Blue Cloud People, because there was a tribe once in time, an Indian tribe called Ara ... and they were called by them Other Indians in the United States for the Blue Cloud People because they were so peaceful. Sitting most outside their tents and smoking the pipe and looking up in clouds while the Americans came and killed them so it was always the ones they whipped on first because they were the easiest and taken ... "
The last song started. An acoustic guitar production which eventually was accompanied by a flute. The song continued on the dream theme and the cloud tank was reinforced by a scissors to finally get heavier when the Americans came.........

Musiken Makt nummer 3, 1980  of the Lp "Butterflies in the Stomach" (Silence SRS 4655). Writer / reviewer was Thomas Edman's magazine employee. Out of this I summarize the following: "Ragnarök from Kalmar saw the daylight already seven years ago. The group has since changed its form several times, musically as well as in a member state. The group traveled country and empire and played in prisons, recreation centers and various music forums. But after all it became too much rounding. And it seemed that they had run out of themselves and their tour bus. But the group made its return and got a renewal through a children's theater group called the Byteater. And Ragnarök got a partially new composition again by incorporating a few more or less famous musicians ... This also became the beginning of a more visual image. One began to use masking and mimics. And it is this scene product that has now been transformed into a pure instrumental LP Butterfly in the stomach. According to the text sheet, this music is born from the image world created by Byteatern. One has the feeling that it is the imagination as a painter in tones, a freer sort of program music. The continuous mood is meditative ... "............

"Ragnarök was founded in Kalmar in 1972 by Peter Bryngelsson, Henrik Strindberg and Staffan Strindberg. Peder Nabo joined the 1973 group. They played hard during the 1970s, both at regular venues, but also at schools and in prisons. They also worked with children's theater together with the Byteater. The group's music was a moodful instrumental music that resembles Bo Hansson and Björn J: son Lindh, which is clearly marked by the successful debut "Ragnarök". The group was dissolved in 1977 and was re-formed in 1979, including new members from Älgarnas Trädgård. During the break, Thomas Wigert and Peter Bryngelsson played the somewhat harder record "Warm Sandwiches" along with the Hot Boys group. After the disc "Butterflies in the stomach" they were resolved to re-form and release "Fata Morgana" with a more blow-oriented sound ... ".........

01 Östern är röd 47,
02 Brushanen
03 Dagarnas skum
04 Första ön
05 Vild av friden
06 Smaug
07 Blå molnfolket 

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