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30 Jul 2017

Remedy "The Golden Voice Sessions" 1970 - 1974 Previously unreleased album US Psych Rock

Remedy The Golden Voice Sessions 1970 - 1974  Previously unreleased album US Psych Rock


Straight from the vaults of the legendary Golden Voice Recording Co. comes Remedy's funky hard-rock boogie sound. Remedy was one of the top live rock bands in Illinois in the early 1970s with a recorded legacy that has remained largely unheard until now. This previously unreleased album was puzzled together from the restored four-track masters. The LP includes a full-colour insert with an in-depth bio and previously unseen pictures of this nearly forgotten outfit from Pekin, Illinois............

From 1970 to 1975 Remedy was one of the top live rock bands in Illinois. Their recorded legacy, which was recorded at Golden Voice, has remained largely unheard until now. Recently an album was created from the restored four-track masters which were originally recorded with Jerry Milam engineering. This album has been released via a collaboration between Golden Voice and Chicago based record label Alona’s Dream. The album includes extensive liner notes and pictures detailing the history of the group. It is the quintessential example of the kind of album recorded in Golden Voice’s heyday. ...... 

A1 Prayer For The People
A2 Rivers Of Wine
A3 Everyday Away
A4 Psychedelic Juice
B1 No One's Fool
B2 I Believe
B3 Walk By My Door
B4 I Want To Take You Higher - Freedom

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