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26 Jul 2017

Sacred Irony "The Studio Recordings" 1970 US Heavy Psych,Hard Rock

Sacred Irony  "The Studio Recordings" 1970 US Heavy Psych

Recorded circa 1970 at Crescent City Sound Studios, Greensboro North Carolina


watch story of  Mitch Easter …….

Sacred Irony: 
Mitch Easter - guitar prodigy 
Ted Lyons 
Rick Reich 
Dale Smith 
Troy “Corky” McMillan  

At Love Valley Rock Festival

Love Valley Rock Festival Ticket

01 radio intro (for I Am Your Dr.) 
02 I Am Your Doctor 
03 Collaboration 
04 I See Love 
05 Gone, Gone, Gone 
06 Secret Lover 
07 Let’s Go Steady 
08 Where No One Cares 
09 Teenage Lust (MC5 cover) 
10 Good Times 
11 Sure to Fall 
12 Face Without a Name 
13 All Up to You 
14 Changes In Me 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..