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12 Jul 2017

Saga "To Whom It Concerns" 1979 Dutch Private Symphonic Prog

Saga "To Whom It Concerns" 1979 Dutch Private Symphonic Prog


This Saga was born in 1975 by brothers Jos and Ernest Wernars, drummer Paul van Velzen, while adding later Guido Goebertus on keys.Because they wanted to sound on studio as on their lives, van Velzen, who was the lead singer, was replaced by drummer Alex Eeken for the recordings of ''To whom it concers'', which is elaborate Symphonic Prog of the Genesis school.Long tracks with an excellent, controlled keyboardist, performing on synths, organ, Mellotron, a very good lead singer and strong electric doses from Jos Wernars on guitar.Some acoustic passages are added for good measure and a slight Neo Prog vibe is evident throughout.Saga disbanded in 1983 after line-up changes and reformed as US in late-90's with all three original ..........

The Godfather of the Dutch neo progressive movement. Long before IQ and Marillion were reinventing the Genesis model for the 1980s, and even before the German school (Ivory, Neuschwanstein), Saga took on the task of replicating the "Foxtrot" sound. Countless bands on the former SI label and continuing today on InsideOut, Musea and Cyclops can point to Saga as a band who pioneered this trail for our friends in The Netherlands. Lots of mellotron here, which unfortunately is something that the neo's were keen to get away from. It's not a bad example of the genre, not as inspired as the German school like Sirius' "Running to Paradise" or Ivory's "Sad Cypress", but better than most of the Dutch Genesis imitators I can think of. On the same label as Kracq (United Artist Productions) ashratom ............

Bass, Guitar, Vocals – Ernest Wernars
Drums – Alex Eeken
Engineer – Manus Cooymans, Wim Pulles
Guitar, Vocals – Jos Wernars
Keyboards – Guido Goebertus
Vocals, Drums, Percussion – Paul Van Velzen

A1 Ragnarock
A2 Time Only Rumours
A3 To Whom It Concerns
B1 True Or False
B2 Memoires

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