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22 Jul 2017

Shakane ‎"Shakane" 1971 UK Prog Glam Pop Rock Swedish Sonet Label only

Shakane ‎ "Shakane" 1971 UK Prog  Glam Rock Swedish Sonet Label only

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Here we have an Exreamly rare Swedish LP from a UK band that in the 60s called themselves Danny Clarke & The Jaguars later FORCE WEST did a bunch of singles on Decca 1965-68 also one time recorded as OSCAR BICYCLE (1 rare 45`s £40 ) themed up with Mickey Most was more popular in Germany and Sweden,, had their first hit 1971 as "The Group" scored no 5 in Swedish charts,, and did this lone LP as "Shakane" on Swedish Sonet label,,kind a heavy Stuff doin a fine version of Niel Youngs "When you dance i can really love" sounds like a mix of Led Zeppelin/10cc/Sweet or something like that, VERY Rare Swedish only Issue in very fragile sleeve,,members was,John Strange,Sid Phillips,Adrian Castillo,Brian Trusler,,the band had one big one called " ill walk in the rain" that was heavily played on Tony Blackburns TV show,, as "Force West"....

Adrian Castillo (vocals, guitar, keyboards, saxophone), John "Sid" Phillips (drums, vocals), John Strange (bass, vocals, 1970-84), Brian Trusler (lead guitar, vocals), Bob Pedrick (bass, vocals, 1984-?)

A-1 When You Dance, I Can Really Love
Written By – Neil Young
A-2 Got A Funny Feeling
Written By – Adrian Castillo
A-3 Muddy Water
Written By – Adrian Castillo
A-4 Please, Eliza
Written By – Adrian Castillo, Brian Trusler, John Strange
A-5 Comes The Night
Written By – Brian Trusler
A-6 You Go Your Way
Written By – Adrian Castillo
B-1 Dance Of The Dead
Written By – Brian Trusler
B-2 Love Machine
Written By – Adrian Castillo
B-3 It's Been A Good Year
Written By – Adrian Castillo
B-4 Take It, Woman
Written By – Brian Trusler
B-5 Mr. Jones
Written By – Adrian Castillo
B-6 San Jose
Written By – Brian Trusler

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