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6 Jul 2017

Sunset Nebula "Sunset Nebula" 2017 UK Psych Space Rock,Post Rock

Sunset Nebula "Sunset Nebula" 2017 UK Psych Space Rock,Post Rock


Tommy Jones (Guitar), James Wagstaff (Drums) and Lewis Summer Rell (Bass) make up Sunset Nebula formed in Nottingham (UK) 2015. Their formative months have been spent performing relentlessly across UK honing their live show and cultivating a unique song writers craft.
After crushing audiences and enjoying the feeling of it Sunset Nebula headed to the studio to record their debut album (Due 2017). Capturing their raw energy the album was recorded completely live, in real time without the assistance of any audio wizardry. What you hear is exactly what was played. 
Sunset Nebula are signed to a German label called Oak Island Records (A subsidiary of Kozmik Artifactz records) and Cargo records.......

Tommy Jones (Guitar),
James Wagstaff (Drums),
Lewis Summer Rell (Bass).

1 Cosmic Waiting Room
2 Swampy
3 Oceans
4 Sang Real
5 Organgrinder
6 Nude
7 Shadows
8 Lunarium
9 Earthbound

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