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22 Jul 2017

Taurus "Swiss Rock History Vol. 3" 1996 recordings 1969-74 Swiss Heavy Prog

Taurus "Swiss Rock History Vol. 3" 1996 recordings 1969-74 Swiss Heavy Prog

Never released LP from the short-lived CH band Taurus (1969-1974).
Limited edition of 300 copies


This is the 3rd and I believe last entry in the Swiss Rock History series which also includes albums by Lear and Exit. Taurus' sole work is clearly not ready for prime-time, and could best be described as raw demos. The songs themselves are early sketches of what was to be a full painting. Had they completed what was started here, Taurus' album would have most assuredly gone down as a masterpiece. They clearly had a lot of great ideas, along with some stellar vintage sounds (organ, guitar, etc...). So definitely worth releasing as an archival document for the curious. Perhaps the band could reunite and finish what they started? .........

Obscure Pearl coming from Switzerland, active in the early 70's. Taurus didn't release an album at time, only in 1996 the old recordings came out on vinyl with 300 copies in the series "Swiss Rock History", by Blue Moon. History and members are still unknown.
The album Swiss Rock History Vol. 3 brings nine tracks recorded in 1973, all in an amateur way, in a small show or rehearsal. The sound is almost entirely composed of instrumental jams, led by "raw" guitar and organ solos, heavy drums and some vocals in English, showing influences of hard rock, psychedelic and even moments of krautrock. Key tracks are "Walking in This Time", "Tundra" and "Time Off". The quality is bad, but we heard an interesting and quite rare 70s rock'n'roll.

Bass Guitar – Peter Zingg
Drums – Thomas Grob
Lead Guitar – Thomas Kübler
Organ – Stefan Kilchsperger

A1 Indian Reservation 3:02
A2 Evolution 3:58
A3 Walking In this Time 9:19
A4 Sunrise 6:28
A5 Rain Forest 3:01
B1 Tundra 5:51
B2 First Impression 5:32
B3 Time Off 3:54
B4 Ocean 3:32 

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