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23 Jul 2017

The Bad Seeds "J-Beck Story (1965-1967)" 1984 Eva France label Texas Garage Psych

The Bad Seeds "J-Beck Story (1965-1967)" 1984 Eva France label Texas Garage Psych


In the '60s, there was an explosion of small American independent labels that put out local rock and roll music, promoted shows and got their songs into local radio rotation ... and occasionally broke big. Tom Hanks made a movie about one such (improbable) band in That Thing You Do. Bad Seeds were not one of those bands that broke big but still have managed to be remembered as being a pioneer in Texas and American rock. The Bads Seeds were the first of the J-Beck / Cee-Bee bands from Corpus Christi and are known mostly for their Texas hit "Taste of the Same." Of course these aren't the same Bad Seeds that back up Nick Cave but with some slight stretching one could draw a line between their darkish blues-rock through The Doors off tangent to the goofy Texas punk of the '80s and all the way through to Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. Yeah, it's a stretch but bear with me.

Starting a long Texas R&R tradition, and as you can see, this is one ugly band. The liner notes suggest things started going down for these local heroes once they got girlfriends (as it did in That Thing You Do) and they stopped practicing in favor of getting laid. The liner notes suggested also that 2nd Gen Corpus band Zakary Thaks also put them to shame and they "knew their days were numbered."

That's okay by me, as most of the other songs on this platter don't even begin to reach the sublime sneering hangdoggedness of the headsmackin' "Taste of the Same." Of note, is their b-side "I'm a King Bee," a take on black blues singer Slim Harpo's old song which while somewhat prosaic suggests these Southern boys knew their blues and weren't afraid to play "black music." The Doors would later modify this basic blues song into the more sinister (or more laughable) "Crawling King Snake"...

After they broke up (1967) the only cute guy in the band, singer and strummer Mike Taylor struck out on his own, attempted to capitalize on the late 60's Folk Rock trend calling himself, regrettably, The Fabulous Mike Taylor. Like Bad Seeds, the results of this solo act are mixed (and documented on Side 2) - Taylor managed to dredge up some of the worst cliches of that genre -- most of which occur when Americans try to be British minstrels. But his lonely-guy single "I'm Nobody's Man" that kicks off Side 2 recalls some of the better soulful strum of The Beatles and their ilk.

This record came out in 1984 from Eva, a French reissue label (which appears to be defunct) and apparently the first in three records documenting Carl Becker's J-Beck label. You gotta love these furrinners, helping to document American music and all. The liner notes include part one of an interview with Becker, Taylor and Chris Gerniottis (singer for later J-Beck bands Zakary Thaks and the Liberty Bell) and this rather ridiculous publicity photo of Michael Taylor (can anyone tell me whom the statue is of?).

There's an unsubstantiated rumor that surfaced on the Bomp! mailing list that the Mike Taylor who recorded the first two Butthole Surfers records was the same Mike Taylor here but I've searched high and low for any corroborating evidence and have found none. Although Taylor is listed as writer and producer for Zakary Thaks so it may well be that he's recording bands somewhere in Texas. Still it would be fitting that the band that recorded the surf-zonked "classics" (not) called "Zilch, Part 1" and "Zilch, Part 2" would have some association with those Trinity College nihilists ..............

Bass – Henry Edgeington (tracks: Side A)
Drums – Bobby Donaho (tracks: Side A)
Guitar, Vocals – Mike Taylor (11) (tracks: Side A)
Lead Guitar – Rod Prince (tracks: Side A)
Performer – Fabulous Michael Taylor* (tracks: Side B)

A1 –Bad Seeds* A Taste Of The Same 2:47
A2 –Bad Seeds* I'm A King Bee 2:43
A3 –Bad Seeds* Zilch, Part 1 1:43
A4 –Bad Seeds* Zilch, Part 2 2:15
A5 –Bad Seeds* All Night Long (Tried To Hide) 2:17
A6 –Bad Seeds* Sick And Tired 2:32
B1 –Fabulous Michael Taylor* I'm Nobody's Man 2:27
B2 –Fabulous Michael Taylor* My Last Day 1:56
B3 –Fabulous Michael Taylor* Gotta Make My Heart Turn Away 2:43
B4 –Fabulous Michael Taylor* People Sec. IV 3:00
B5 –Fabulous Michael Taylor* Checkerboard 2:25
B6 –Fabulous Michael Taylor* Arkansas 2:22 

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