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9 Jul 2017

The Full Moon Band "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained" 1978 Private Holland Prog Jazz Rock

The Full Moon Band "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained" 1978 Private  Holland Prog Jazz Rock


The Full Moon Band's second album, 1977's "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained" was produced by front man/singer/multi-instrumentalist Lucas Amor. In terms of bibliographical information these guys are pretty obscure. I believe they were from Haarlem and the first two albums featured Amor, along with
bassist Gerard Ammerlaan, guitarist Max Brunet, and drummer Bert Kleyn.

Like their 1976 debut "Moon Fools", the second album was a self-finance vanity release, probably sold at local stores and band concerts. Good luck tracking down copies. With all four members contributing to the writing chores, the sophomore set found the group going off in a more jazz-rock direction (not to imply the debut was all that commercial). Focusing on instrumental pieces, these guys were clearly quite impressive from a technical standpoint. Not to sound nasty, but judging by Amor' vocals like the power ballad 'I Am Scared', you could see why they focused on the instrumentals. Perhaps the biggest surprise here was how diverse the collection was with the band taking stabs at everything from incidental film music ('Dreams'), to Young-Holt styled soul-jazz ('Morning Is Born'), Brazilian-influenced scatting ('New Way'), and even hardcore funk (the closer 'Ahram Misha'). Strangest tune and one of the highlights was the Celtic folk music-meets-Indian raga 'Morning Is Born'. Equally hard to believe, but the atypical dance track 'Latin Joy' was probably the highlight. Yes, you could dance to ...............

Bass – Gerard Ammerlaan
Drums, Percussion – Bert Kleyn
Guitar, Synthesizer – Max Brunet
Producer – Lucas Amor
Violin, Vocals, Piano, Sitar – Lucas Amor

A1 Factory 4:13
A2 Modder 7:04
A3 Planet Move 3:11
A4 Sjefke 1:48
A5 Latin Joy 2:45
B1 Dreams 4:40
B2 I Am Scared 3:25
B3 Morning Is Born 3:50
B4 Sunday Afternoon 3:13
B5 New Way 2:44
B6 Ahram Misha 3:18 

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