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30 Jul 2017

The Road "The Road" 1970 US Psych Pop Rock

The Road "The Road" 1970 US Psych Pop Rock


The band's debut album from Buffalo (New York), organized by the Phil brothers and Jerry Hudson under the title "The Mellowbrook Road" and playing pop rock with an abundance of keyboards. Having teamed up with other local teams "Weekend" and "Talas", they began to actively participate in local clubs. With the acquisition of certain fame, the range of their tours began to expand. In 1969, they were invited to New York to perform at Orchard Park on "JB's Pendulum For Swinging Teens". After this performance, the musicians found the band's name too long and decided to cut it to "The Road". But most importantly, during their stay in New York, they were taken note of by agents from "Kama Sutra Records". With them, a contract was signed and it was suggested to start composing and recording the debut album. The proposal took them somewhat by surprise, since they had virtually no copyright material. Therefore in 1970 the same album was released, consisting mainly of covers. The release received a good press and sold well. Cover songs The Zombies "She's Not There" and Buffalo Springfield "Mr. Soul "hit the Top 40. In the same year the group left Ralph Parker.

Phil Hudson — vocals 
Jerry Hudson — guitar, vocals 
Don Jake Jakubowski – organ 
Joe Hesse – bass 
Ralph Parker – lead guitar 
Nick DiStefano – drums, vocals

A1 She's Not There 3:43 
A2 Love Is All 3:21 
A3 Love-It-Is 4:42 
A4 Taste Of Honey 2:32 
A5 I Can Only Give You Everything 2:47 
B1 Dance To The Music (Shotgun) 5:29 
B2 Never Gonna Give You Up 3:11 
B3 Mr. Soul 2:40 
B4 In Love 1:55 
B5 See You There 2:12 
B6 Rock & Roll Woman 2:52 
B7 The Grass Is Greener 2:31

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