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13 Jul 2017

Three Souls In My Mind "Three Souls In My Mind"1970-71-1991 Lp Rockadelic Mexico Psych Hard Blues Rock

Three Souls In My Mind "Three Souls In My Mind" 1970-71: 1991 Lp Rockadelic Mexico Psych Hard Blues Rock

Limited edition of 500 numbered copies.

El Tri is a Mexican blues/hard rock band from Mexico City fronted by Alex Lora. Previously known as "Three Souls in my Mind", the band has existed in some form since 1968.

Three Souls in My Mind was originally composed of Alejandro Lora on bass and lead vocals, Ernesto de Leon on lead guitar, and Carlos Hauptvogel on the drums. On some albums they are accompanied by Arturo Labastida on saxophone and Carlos Martinez on trumpet. Sergio Mancera also played guitar on some albums. They released 15 albums on the RAFF record label before officially changing their name and lineup in 1985.

Three Souls was part of a burgeoning Mexican rock movement that had ties to rock's African American roots, the U.S. counterculture, and the then-globalizing recording industry. As rock in Mexico was originally seen as "inauthentic" when sung in Spanish, Three Souls mostly sang covers of American rock and blues songs in English. However, at the Festival de Avándaro, often called "Mexico's Woodstock", they crossed over, singing first in English, then in Spanish. From then on they recorded primarily in Spanish, writing most of their own songs. When asked why they switched to Spanish, Lora replied that it was important for the audience to understand the messages of the songs. While Three Souls had a popular following among the younger generation while singing in English, changing attitudes toward rock pushed the band to perform in the "hoyos fonquis", where the lower classes held semi-chaotic rock shows. Singing in his original language and for a new, energetic, young, and discontented audience, Lora's songs began reflecting more of the reality of the daily lives of average Mexicans, while simultaneously allowing concertgoers to forget those same troubles. Lora gave his own identity to Mexican rock & roll, becoming its emblem.

A1 Let Me Swim
A2 Amphetamine
A3 Mr. Devil
A4 Going To Be Father
A5 Lenon Blues
A6 Medicine Man
B1 Don't Ask Me
B2 I Rather Be Dead
B3 Stupid Things
B4 Sugar Taste
B5 Down The Road
B6 Worried & Lonesome

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