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20 Jul 2017

Totty ‎ “Totty” 1977 + "Too" 1981 + The Totty Brothers “Rock n` Okie Roll” 1994 US Private Psych Hard Rock

Totty ‎ “Totty” 1977 Oklahoma  Private Psych Hard Rock debut Album

Totty ‎ “Totty” 1977 first album 

The first edition of the Totty album. Only 50 copies made. Released with no cover art. This pressing was intended to be part of a ‘promo package’ that also included lyric sheets, black and white mimeographed photos, and TOTTY stickers. All this was enclosed in a heavy plastic liner that was sealed with a white circular adhesive tab. This package was primarily put together to send to booking agents and record labels. Original sealed copies of this vinyl promo package have been listed for sale as high as $350………… 

Το συγκρότημα των Totty δημιουργήθηκε το 1975, στην Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA από τα αδέλφια Dennis και Byron Totty. 
Είναι ένα αγαπημένο Christian Hard Rock τρίο, με ένα σφιχτό rhythm section, σκληρό γερό, δυναμικό ήχο και εξαιρετικά τραγούδια όπως το 8-λέπτο “Somebody Help Me” ή το πρώιμο Prog Rock “Crack In The Cosmic Egg”, αν σας αρέσει το λεγόμενο underground 70’s Hard Rock, τότε οι Totty είναι για τα γούστα σας. 
Αν σας αρέσει ο βαρύς ήχο της κιθάρας από τη δεκαετία του '70 τότε είναι για σας, ή αν σας αρέσουν μπάντες όπως οι Montrose, οι Granicus ή οι Nitzinger τότε θα τους λατρέψετε. 
Το εκρηκτικό αυτό το album ηχογραφήθηκε αρχικά το 1976 σε promo μορφή (λευκό εξώφυλλο) και σε 50 κόπιες μόνο, για προωθητικούς-διαφημιστικούς σκοπούς και μόνο. Το 1977 κυκλοφορεί κανονικά στα δισκάδικα, με αλλαγμένο εξώφυλλο από ανεξάρτητη δισκογραφική εταιρία, φυσικά δεν σημείωσε και καμία τεράστια εμπορική επιτυχία, όπως γίνετε συνήθως δηλαδή με τις ανεξάρτητες αυτοχρηματοδοτούμενες παραγωγές. Μετά από χρόνια το βρήκαν οι συλλέκτες ξεχασμένων βινυλίων και επανήλθε μερικώς, η original κόπια βινυλίου κοστίζει περίπου τα 250-300 ευρώ, ενώ η επανέκδοση τα 20. 
Οι επιρροές των Totty είναι σε αφθονία, τις περισσότερες φορές θυμίζουν συγκροτήματα όπως οι Led Zeppelin, οι Lynyrd Skynyrd και οι ZZ Top, αλλά και σχήματα όπως οι Outlaws, οι Cain, οι Truth & Janey ή οι Missouri. 
Είναι λοιπόν ένα ισχυρό δυναμικό power-trio που παίζει καυτό σκληρό 70’s Hard Rock με κάποια Boogie, Psych Rock και Prog Rock, αλλά και Southern Rock μουσικά περάσματα. Η κιθάρα είναι αδιάκοπη και συνεχείς τα riffs και τα solos πέφτουν ασταμάτητα το ένα μετά το άλλο, ενώ εξαιρετικό είναι και το μπάσο. Το μόνο αδύνατο σημείο θα έλεγα ότι είναι τα φωνητικά τα οποία σχεδόν πνίγονται από τη δυνατή μουσική, δηλαδή η μουσική είναι πιο μπροστά από τα φωνητικά. 
Αυτό είναι ένα πραγματικά πολύ καλό αλλά σχεδόν ξεχασμένο Hard Rock album, μερικές φορές είναι πολύ βαριά και με σκληρή προσέγγιση ο ήχος του, τα φωνητικά ακούγονται λίγο παράξενα, βραχνά και τραχιά όπως αυτά του Ted Nugent. 
Οι Totty από την έρημο της Oklahoma, μας έδωσαν ένα έντονα καυτό Hard Rock δίσκο με τραγούδια όπως τα “T-Town Teasers”, "Crack In The Cosmic Egg”, “Somebody Help Me” και “Wicked Truth”, που ηχούν λες σαν να έχουν βγει κατ’ ευθείαν μέσα από τους δίσκους των μεγαλυτέρων και αξιολογότερων σχημάτων της εποχής εκείνης. Επενδύστε άφοβα σε ένα δίσκο που κρατάει μέσα του αναμμένη τη φλόγα των καυτών 70’s. 
Αξιόπιστο cult obscure Hard Rock album λοιπόν, που είμαι σίγουρος πως θα σας αρέσει, είναι ένα ωραίο, βαρύ album και περιέχει πολύ και καλό σκληρό Hard Rock, που απλά είναι του γούστου μου. 
Μετά από ένα ακόμα album το “Too” που είναι όμως λιγότερο σκληρό από τον προκάτοχο του, οι Totty διαλύθηκαν τελικά το 1981. 
Το 1994 τα αδέλφια Dennis και Byron Totty επανήλθαν στο μουσικό προσκήνιο με το EP “Rock-n-Okie Roll”, αλλά κάτω από την επωνυμία Totty Brothers…..Ηλίας Κωστόπουλος ………. 

GEORGE COOPER - drums; side one 1,2,3,5 side two 2,3 
ROGER RODEN - drums; side one 4 
DAVID BLUE - drums; side two 1,4 
DENNIS TOTTY - vocals and all guitars 
BYRON TOTTY - bass guitar, backing vocals, synth on T-Town Teasers, Somebody Help me 
JOHNNY FRENCH - wolf whistle 

Thus Saith The Lord 1:30 
T-Town Teasers 2:41 
Crack In The Cosmic Egg 5:04 
Love Down By One Share (Love Song To A Whore) 4:57 
I´ve Done Made Up My Mind 5:40 
Wicked Truth 4:09 
Tryin´ To Forget You 3:47 
Take Me Away Jesus 4:48 
Somebody Help Me 8:27 

Totty ‎"Too" 1981 US Private Psych  Hard Rock second album 

Totty ‎"Too” 1981 second album 

DAVID BLUE - drums 
DENNIS TOTTY - vocals and guitars 
BYRON TOTTY - vocals and bass guitar 
MIKE BRUCE - steel guitar, side one 4 
BOB BAKER - piano, side one 4 

A1 Take My Love 
A2 Avalanche Of Love 
A3 Bass Mint 
A4 Standin´ In Heartaches 
A5 It´s Up To You 
B1 Scratched Records 
B2 Livin´In The Streets 
B3 I´ve Seen Miracles 
B4 In Memory Of Jimi Hendrix 
B5 Parable Of The Lost Astronaut 

The Totty Brothers “Rock n` Okie Roll” US 1994 rare EP Private Hard Rock 3 track "demo"tape

1. You Got Me Floatin` 
2.Babe You Now I Do 
3.Cool Fool 

David Blue drums 
Dennis Totty quitars vocals 
Byron Totty bass vocals

Their Story

Byron and Dennis Totty grew up in a north Tulsa area called Dawson. At that time, the Dawson area was a busy, aviation-related industrial area, with American Airlines, Douglas Aircraft, and Spartan Trailers being major employers in the area. The brothers attended McKinley and Bryant Elementary schools,
 Hamilton Junior High, and Will Rogers High School. Neighborhoods were being built and new stores were popping up. The area had Tulsa’s first 15 cent hamburger joint, called Kellys, Tulsa’s first escalator at nearby Sheridan Village, and vice-president Nixon even rode down Sheridan Road, waving and sitting at nearby Sheridan Village, and vice-president Nixon even rode down Sheridan Road, waving and sitting on the back of his convertible when he was campaigning against Kennedy. They began their musical life at a very young age, singing along with their dad’s guitar playing as early as age 4, singing ‘You Get A Line and I’ll Get a Pole, and other songs. Real Andy Griffith type stuff. They also started taking piano lessons when they were young and continued the lessons for several years. This included piano recitals. By the time Dennis was 8, he was starting to play around on his dad’s guitar. His dad soon bought himhis own electric guitar from a pawn shop, and before long, he was playing along with some of his favorite songs. Their dad, Adrian, was also a musician and singer. He even played in a band when he was in college back in the 30’s, and later sang in gospel quartets throughout his adult life. The brothers remember, as they were growing up, their dad always had some type of musical instrument in the house. Not just guitars, but accordions, mandolins, trumpets, violins, xylophones and all types of different stuff. The guitars always stayed, but all the others slowly cycled in and out the door. Their dad also had a reel-to-reel tape recorder that the brothers would play with, mostly recording sound effects and small radio dramas.
When they were in their middle teens they were soon forming their first band with some neighbor friends, and began practicing in one of the neighbors’ garage. A real ‘garage band’. One night they were playing some songs in the garage and decided to open the big door to cool off. When they opened the door, there were some people standing around in the street, and kids in the driveway on bikes, all just listening. The brothers say this was the first concert they ever played. They were playing all the rock standards at the time; Louie, Louie, Gloria, Money, As they got older, their playing began to get more serious, and soon they were playing local ‘teen town’ clubs and private parties. When they played their very first club job, Dennis was still only 15, so the club had a special table set up by the stage that DT had to stay by. No roaming around the club. By the late 60’s, the brothers and drummer Roger Roden were forming their first power rock band, a 3 piece band named Cedric. They now stepped up to playing out of town gigs at colleges, small town armories, and even night clubs. They also started developing a heavier sound for their music, now being influenced by the heavier sounds of other 3 piece bands like Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience, and early Grand Funk Railroad . It was about this time they started writing their own tunes, and performing some of their originals scattered in among the club 'cover’ songs. They soon decided to start recording some of their tunes, and for the next few years, were in and out of several studios recording their original songs. Whenever they could get enough extra money saved up in their pockets, they were ready to go record some more songs. While some local bands were playing gigs and building up and impressive array of amps and P.A.s, they would be spending their money on studio time and gaining recording session experience. They recorded in a lot of local area studios back in the day. Even did a session in KVOO radio station’s studio. One of the problems they had in their early recording career was finding local studios that knew how to record their brand of louder, hard rocking music. The Tulsa music scene was big into the Tulsa Sound and country music at that time, and their heavier style of music was a new challenge for some local studios. After playing for several years in the area, Cedric broke up in 1973. Roger moved to Chicago and The Totty Brothers moved to San Diego for a short while. After jamming with local California musicians and writing some new songs, they returned to Tulsa and formed a new 3 piece band, Starstream Bodine, with local Tulsa drummer George Cooper. Bodine played colleges, clubs, concerts, and even an Oklahoma barn dance. With the drummer’s brother, Jody Cooper (an ex-bull rider), and Rick Carnagey, a new friend fresh out of the Navy, for roadies and sound techs, everyone knew it when all these hard-rocking Tulsa northsiders came to town. Musically, they had developed into a hard driving and spacey sounding rock band, but with their Oklahoma roots still coming through in their sound. In 1976, shortly after recording a 6 song demo, George moved out of state (…link to story of first album). Instead of forming a new band at that time, the TBs decided to record some more songs and made a full length album of original songs. They asked the drummer from their old band Cedric, Roger Roden, to come in and play a session with them, and also asked and received session help from David Blue, who was the drummer for the TBs favorite area band, Bliss, from Bartlesville, Oklahoma. After the album was released, the TBs then spent most of their time driving and promoting their new album, stocking record stores, and visiting radio stations, while always writing new material for that ‘next’ recording session, whenever that would be.After being gone for a length of time, George moved back to Oklahoma, and almost immediately began playing with Dennis and Byron again. Since the album had been completed and was already receiving airplay, they should keep playing as the band ‘Totty’, performing live shows in support of the album. 
During the next couple of years they even experimented with adding a keyboard player or a second guitar player. While this did add a certain dimension to some of their original songs, most of the tunes they were writing were more 3 piece rock oriented, so they always drifted back to their original sound. 
By this time they were pretty much performing all original material in concert type settings.It was also during this time period they performed 2 live concerts for Oklahoma City radio station KATT, which were recorded and later broadcast on air. n 1978 they went back into the studio and recorded 4 new original songs, and soon after, they were off to New York City with their new tapes to visit record companies and management agencies. After a couple of years of playing together again, George moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma to get married and perform in a music group with his new wife. During the lull time between George leaving and starting a new band, around 1980, the TBs were contacted by an old friend from college days who offered to financially help them get a second album recorded. Since David Blue’s band Bliss had broken up, the TBs asked David to play drums on all the songs on the album, and to continue on as their drummer playing live concerts to support the album. They decided to record the album at Charity Recording Studios in Tulsa, as they did the first album, but this time go to Criteria Recording Studios in Miami, Florida to mix the album. This album was to be called Totty Too. They recall that during their week stay in Miami, the famous Dade County riots broke out. One night 
they took a break from the mixing session and went to the 2nd story outside deck for some fresh air. In the distance, they could see the glow of burning fires all across the horizon. They even saw tracer bullets being fired from the ground at a police helicopter. After the album mix was completed, the band returned to Tulsa and started making plans to go to Los Angeles to finish the album packaging. They intended to move there for a short time, perform some gigs, and like in New York, take the album to record companies and management companies. They moved there in 1981 and within a very short time were playing prestigious places like The Troubadour, Gazzari’s On Sunset Strip, and Madame Wong’s Rock Emporium. They played special concert night performances for L.A. rock stations KWEST(at The Troubadour) and KMET(at Gazzari’s On Sunset Strip). Within 2 months they were already playing places that some local bands had been trying for years to get into. California’s largest rock publication, BAM Magazine, distributed all along the western coast, reviewed them and said they liked the band Totty better than Van Halen. Upon returning to Tulsa, they were voted Oklahoma’s Best Rock Band in a poll conducted by JAM Magazine, a rock publication based in Norman, Oklahoma, and distributed through Oklahoma and southwestern states. Dennis was also voted Best Rock Guitarist and Byron voted Best Rock Bass Player in the same poll.In 1986 they recorded their first music video, a self-produced video for an original song titled ‘What About Me?’. It was the first music video produced in Oklahoma to use digital video editing technology. On the night they recorded, Tulsa had one of their largest floods ever. Being locked up in the studio all night, they never knew it happened until they started coming out of the studio the next morning. (This was back before the days of cell phones and texts. You got into the studio and isolated yourself from the world.) They also appeared on the local Tulsa music television show Tulsa Backstage. They had arrived at the Tulsa Backstage studios with the intention of performing 3 songs live for the television cameras, then, they were told, each song would air some time during the next few weeks of the tv show. Tulsa Backstage played all three songs the first night. The band drifted in and out over the next few years, playing in different projects here and there. The brothers played in a blues/rock band for a little while with ‘Rusty and the Blades’. They backed up core members vocalist Mike Taylor and drummer John Mabry. While they were members of the band, Rusty and the Blades performed a live concert on The John Henry Smokehouse Blues Show on Tulsa radio station KMOD. In 1993, they got back together with David Blue to record a 3 song EP titled Rock-N-Okie Roll. This EP was released on CD only. This EP also marked the first time they had ever recorded a non-original song for one of their product releases. They wanted to record the Jimi Hendrix song ‘You Got Me Floatin’ because it was such a popular tune when they performed it live in concert. This EP was recorded at The Church Studio in Tulsa, and then mixed at Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. It was during this trip to Memphis the brothers got to make a 'guest appearance’ and sit in with B.B. King’s band at B.B.King’s Blues Club, in Memphis. Eventually the band slowly drifted apart, but each would stay involved in different musical projects over time. Dennis recorded a solo CD album of his bluesy type songs titled ‘Under The Influence’, using different local blues artists to help on the sessions. The brothers even individually backed gospel singers in concert and played in a large church Christmas production. …

Totty In Concert At The Troubadour In Los Angeles, with Drummer David Blue



Totty [1977] 
Too [1981] 
Rock-n-Okie Roll [1994]

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